What OS do you use and why?


I made this topic because i am curious what safenetforum.org users use as their Operating System and why

I wanna get into Arch Linux but i am too newbie with coding and terminal commands at the moment so from Linux Mint i decided to get into Fedora Linux and this is what i use at the moment, Fedora Linux 28.
I am happy with it because i am able to learn basics of how operation system works by just using my computer, not by reading some book. Practice over theory :stuck_out_tongue: .
However i wanna use Arch Linux as my main OS because i heard it would let me configure it having 100% control over it.

I decided to ditch windows because i realised i am not learning anything useful while using it. Another reason is let’s say i wanna play game like Diablo 3, doing so on windows while having 50 processes that are not needed for playing the game just uses my memory usage too much while i wanna just play the game, so technically games should work better on linux. Another thing is that i wanna get into Linux Gaming.



i use Qubes OS i have full isolated Xen machines


about Arch linux is difficult to configuration you can use Anarchy https://anarchy-linux.org/ this distribution have basic graphical integrated installer is quite simple

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about Arch linux is difficult to configuration you can use Anarchy https://anarchy-linux.org/ this distribution have basic graphical integrated installer is quite simple

Yeah i know it may be difficult to configure for newbie users like myself, but im not giving up.

Would try Anarchy but i do enjoy Fedora at the moment. :stuck_out_tongue:

i use Qubes OS i have full isolated Xen machines

never heard about it before, gonna have a quick read about it. Thanks for posting!!

Another vote for Qubes OS :+1:. Also Debian and Windows 10.


Also Debian and Windows 10.

Why would you use Windows 10???

Work, also it’s a family PC. Not everyone is a Linux fan. I use Qubes OS and Debian on USB sticks,


At work I must use windows 10 (company policy) after update 1803 I have maaany problems with stability. If someone want remove windows telemetry i aprove DWS https://github.com/Nummer/Destroy-Windows-10-Spying

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At work I must use windows 10 (company policy) after update 1803 I have maaany problems with stability. If someone want remove windows telemetry i aprove DWS https://github.com/Nummer/Destroy-Windows-10-Spying 1

I’d only use windows 10 for games, but hey i’ve got a console for games like diablo 3 :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t really trust Microsoft anymore, in my opinion Windows has ended on Windows XP.

I use Devuan Linux - same packaging system as debian but without systemD and sticks to original Linux philosophy of discrete packages (keeping them more isolated and less dependent on other packages) … down the track though I may start using Qubes as well.

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I’ve been on Linux exclusively for the past 15 years or so. I’m no developer. I just like things that work. People find it hard to believe I switched (from Windows) mainly because I found Linux to be easier. I like plug and play, and I don’t want to be hunting for drivers and Flash and Java and whatnot all over the place when I need to do an upgrade or just update something. “sudo apt-get update” works great for the whole thing if it’s based on Debian.

I find pure Arch to be a bit fiddly. I’m using Arch based Manjaro as my main OS now, but I think I’ll go back to good old Mint when version 19 comes out of beta in a couple of days. I guess my main beef with Manjaro is it doesn’t boot nicely together with other distros. Something about Intel’s microcode. Then again, encrypting your whole drive using Mint is not trivial.

I didn’t play many games there for a few years, but now Steam works great with Linux - both Manjaro and Mint. I’m in the middle of a game of Civilization right now. :slight_smile: I often say, I want my computer to be just like any tool. I don’t want my shotgun or, heaven forbid, my chainsaw to “help” me. I want them to obey me. No more, no less.


I use various linuxes, but my preference goes to Fedora. I find it quite stable, and also sufficently on the edge for my needs.
I use lxde as a window manager. I like that it is simple and lightweight.
Soon I will switch to SafeOs, though :smile:


I think it’s not that hard, also you dont need to code. i found out that using btrfs and making snapshots at various steps of the installation can be a life saver :smiley:


Yeah it does, however there are people like myself that are not fans of steam.

There are the reasons why

  • It is all digital so the games you buy there aren’t worth a penny. You basically pay for a game that is not even yours, it’s still owned by Valve, you basically pay for renting the product but as long as your account is not banned you can play them.
  • They take over the market. When i went to some store that sells PC games, and that was in Poland, most of them required Activation through Steam to play them. You can’t play them without connection to internet and without registering to Steam which is bizaree in my opinion, games like Stronghold requires internet access, if i haven’t got internet i can’t play them :weary:
  • It spies on you as well and steals your data. Here you can find what Steam does to you and how they process data about your computer and internet activity.

Because i like freedom, i avoid using Steam at all costs :relaxed:. I understand that there are nice titles on it, but i think it’s better to spend time for learning Java instead of playing Dota 2 using Steam.
I think developers do huge mistake that they put their games on Steam platform, i understand it’s easier to make money through Steam and it’s easier for people to play the game when it is on steam, but well.

Yeah i think it’s not that hard as well, especially that you have all commands and instalation guide on ArchWiki. However i still don’t feel mentally good enough to get into Arch, i enjoy using Fedora at the moment, much more than when i used Mint or Ubuntu :P. But Canonical that made Ubuntu works with Microsoft now, so i think they’re basically Canonical-microsoft company.

I like Fedora as well, gonna have a quick read about SafeOS in a second :wink:
Thanks for posting!!


Currently Debian (LMDE) but looking for a new laptop and will probably go for something supported by the manufacturer (which probably means Ubuntu) in order to avoid driver problems which have been a pain in the *** with my Dell.

For this reason I’m interested in the setups which people use for development (machine basics: CPU, RAM, HD type and OS). So maybe include them in your responses.

Me: Dell (2010) is i7, 8GB, SSD with Debian LMDE. As this was bought when they didn’t support Linux I have problems with the drivers for the trackpad, and I’m pretty sure the video, and it slows down horrendously, I think when it gets hot because video overloads the CPU. Otherwise it has been a really good machine. To last me 8 years is testament to that as I use it a lot, so I’d buy Dell again as they now support Linux (although that is Ubuntu :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:).

I’m interested to hear recommendations though for Linux based dev, particularly any experiences with recent purchases. I’m thinking 16GB isn’t enough because my machine is so slow with 8GB, but if the drivers were OK, maybe it would be fine.


Well i bought my first laptop mainly because i was bored and wanted to play some games written for windows but as i grew and grew tired of online games as well as windows 10 i decided i wanna get into something more ambitious.
My Laptop Specs: Acer (2017?), i5 7th gen, 4GB, 1TB HDD with Fedora 28

You’ve got nice Dell i bought my laptop last year and it has everything worse. I haven’t got any issues using Fedora on my laptop, however i bought it mainly for windows games like Diablo 3, wasn’t even thinking im gonna install linux on it when i bought it… Not really playing any games on it. Fedora uses 2.7GB RAM of my system at the moment which is about 70% of RAM memory, however my 4 CPUs are on average 10% all the time, so it’s not bad, however i wasn’t happy with 4GB RAM when i bought it, but my budget was limited and couldn’t get 8GB. However i think 4GB is a joke, i think 32GB is definitely a way to go.
My bandmate made PC for making music last month, he uses Windows 7 not linux, however he has 32GB in it, so i think 16GB may be alright for now, but i think soon 32GB is better idea for the future.

However, when i’ll be building my PC (not a laptop) im definitely gonna try AMD parts, not intel as well as i wanna try Radeon not GeForce… Really wanna get nice cooling as well for it.
Somebody said AMD tends to overheat, but im not fan of Intel…

I have found this website that makes computers for Linux based systems, laptops and PCs:



QubesOS and testing the GenodeOS 18.05 just released a week ago.


I use Windows 10, because it’s easy to use & generally just works, and has lots of software & hardware developed to be compatible with it.

While I like the idea of Linux, I don’t like the execution / tradeoffs, so every time I try it, I give up pretty quickly.

I guess I also have some software on Windows that I like using, so switching is not cost-free, though getting less so now I’m not doing much CAD (which Linux sucks at, due to nobody making any decent & low-cost cad/cam software for it).


I thought Wine on Linux was at a point beyond now that it nulls the “I can’t do that on Linux and must use Windows”…

Where I have a choice, I use Linux Mint… the first big reason was that it’s simple to reinstall, with the /home partition separate - and fast… so, pushing the limits of what an older hardware can do becomes practical… and then branches like RaspberryPi etc become simple options.

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I highly recommend something from
I have the 15" one. They’re expensive, but worth it.

This is still my main machine for gaming and all: