What opportunities does SAFE offer

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I’ll start:

Monetary incentives through farming.

There are hundreds of others. Don’t be shy, this discussion will help those of us that are assisting with messaging, marketing, PR etc.

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Affordable scaling for developers.


Thanks. For a moron like me, can you give me any comparisons, just quick, nothing in depth?

David has mentioned scaling a project as a huge factor in being able to compete with the big boys in software. Pre Safe Network you’d have to raise millions which means the input and ownership in the project of Vulture capitalists. Safe Network will allow a dedicated team to go up against Goliath without the need to ask these parasites for money. Of course they take ownership and steer the project.


This is great!

More guys, lets get this rolling.


For consumers and everyday internet users the Safe Network provides ultimate control and convenience. An all in one experience. No middle man standing in your way, trying to fleece you.

  • Network wide shopping cart
  • Integrated private digital cash
  • ID management and network wide discoverability (use a network ID that is not confined to single apps or platforms)
  • Share or manage the same data between all apps
  • You own your data
  • Earn spending money by providing excess hard drive space to the network, making everyone more secure
  • Pay once and your data is stored forever

There’s more I could add later.


A ‘Swiss Bank Account’ for all your most treasured assets but for everyone not just the rich
A neutral online territory shared by all and controlled by none
A secure way to share
Makes life hard for hackers


On this point.

Many people after years of investing in crypto and with Bitcoin being at all time high are now looking for their exit strategy and how they can reduce paying tax.

I wonder what SAFE can offer in a realistic setting?