What Might Cause SAFE Network to Fail?


This topic is for speculation about the worst case scenario: That there is some technical flaw in its design that causes it to fail, whether with a bang or a whimper.

The sort of thing I’m thinking of is like Bitcoin’s (and Ethereum’s) blockchain bloat, that might turn out to be a fundamental limitation despite current efforts to mitigate it.

I’m not talking about government attack and the like, which I’m confident will be adapted to and overcome (and indeed, is a “feature”).


I doubt all out failure could occur.

Some potential issues I look forward to not being issues:

  • not being available to some subset of mobile devices because of some processing power required.

  • where safecoin isn’t reliable and money is created for nothing or double spends occur.

  • on occasions the internet is slow in certain locations, the nodes might become too busy trying to satisfy copying of data in some exponential way and lock up.

  • the speed of the network might become an interesting factor… and what variance in lag might occur could frustrate certain real time applications.

Overall the idea of SAFE appears very powerful and flexible, so testing will be important for a while yet but all the signs I’ve seen are promising.

Speculation might not be a great thing, but actual possibilities would be better. Speculation is things without requiring any basis in fact or reality. If we are going to explore things that might cause SAFE to fail then it is best to use cases that have some basis.

Anyhow a search of the forum will bring up plenty of possible things that might cause SAFE to fail and the discussions in each explore that possibility.

Here are but a few I found in one minute