What language to use for Safe dapps?

New to the forum. I’m wanting to learn how to program apps and have websites hosted on the safe network eventually and be an active developer for dapps here. What language should I look into in order for that?

Also, regarding farming Safe Network Tokens, is there guides I can be directed to learn how to set it up and connect to the safe network testnet? What level of coding proficiency do I need to be able to set it up?

Thanks in advance for any help and guidance.


I’m no expert here, but with WASM, you can probably code in just about any language currently supported by WASM - which is a lot of languages.

Of course Javascript is always going to be important in a web environment as well.

I don’t think there is currently an active testnet, but soon. As for a guide, there are various topics here on that, but I’d just wait until next testnet is released and there will be a flurry of posts on that very thing at that time.


If you want to write apps right now, it would be best to setup a local test network (baby fleming). The next online test net is nearing completion and should be live in the coming weeks.

The client libraries are written in Rust. So writing apps using Rust or any language where you can import this library should be possible. More docs about this on Rust site.

There is also a CLI interface, which could be called from other languages/apps, without worrying about dependencies.

Longer term, the safe network browser will be updated again and will have the client libraries integrated. These will be accessible by Javascript calls and WASM apps.

Over the next weeks, my plan is to start working in Rust, with a view to using the same code in WASM, once browser support is ready. It’s probably a case of starting where there is stability with an eye on what is coming later.

There is also the dev forum for deeper dev questions, etc.


When farming starts no coding or technical skills will be needed. See: Hi I'm new and spent about an hour but am still not super clear about a couple things - #5 by JimCollinson

For development it depends on what you want to build, the approach you take (web app, native mobile app, desktop etc) but in general most common languages will be usable because the APIs will come with ‘bindings’ that make them available to different languages.

Your question has been asked before, so searching this forum (and also the dev forum) you’ll find more detailed discussions of options. Once you have an idea what you want to build or have decided on the approach you can ask more specific questions.

Welcome and good luck!


That’s what I would like to do as well - unfortunately I have too many other things to deal with ATM - though I would be interested in following your progress! - as I am sure other people would be - it might be an interesting / useful thing to do?


I plan to blog about my progress. Hopefully that will share the experience with others.


Excellent! - I look forward to reading about your progress . .