What it takes


This post is not about anything specific to project SAFE. It is about community and all others that rise up as we grow into the future.

All of us have the pleasure of being a consumer. Our experience, good & bad, influence our perception in so many subtle ways, we don’t even realize. Sometimes, it helps to take a step back and really look at something, asking the question, “what it takes for this idea to become a reality?”

Allow me to give you a glimpse of the producer’s world.

Leap 10 years into the “possible” future, when the SAFE Network is one of several large Networks. New consumers will not realize the humble beginnings of this idea. They may know some historical facts of “who” and “when” but not hear a single detail about the struggles and triumphs that we (this community) had to endure in the background.

  • They will never know about the sleepless nights trying to solve difficult problems.
  • They will never see all the coffee stained notes, and random scribbling on whiteboards.
  • They will never hear all the heated debates about politics, economics, etc.
  • They will never feel the frustration of trying to get the program to work the way it should.
  • They will never suffer an early adopter’s fear when the fiat price of Safecoin falls because of negative press.

All this and more will be spared for them. And it is better this way. It would ruin their experience if they knew what it takes to make the final product they use in 10 years. Anyone who has ever created a product or service will know what I am talking about.

We have a healthy community, mixed with skepticism and optimism. I say we are healthy because we often solve more issues than we find. There will always be concerns for the future because none of us can see the future.

What if we don’t get mass adoption?
What if Safecoin never rises in fiat price?
What if we don’t get enough farmers?

No matter what happens, if we have a strong community, we can work through it. If people want something bad enough, they will find a way to get it! So how bad do you want this?

Balance between the time of launching and 100% security with no bugs

If you would be able to register a domainname with Safecoin, like namecoin, that would allready add value to it. If you would be able to only register a domainname if you own the dotcom address, that would also add value (companies love their brands). With the Namecoin system everyone can just buy a name, but what if you make it only possible if someone has to proof that they own the dotcom (dotcom is usually more important than other TLDs for some). In this scenario, you can also have companies bidding for a website, let’s say we set the startingprice @ $50000 (believe me, these companies don’t mind paying that, they are basically begging Icann to pay this much). The money they pass after bidding could go towards further development of Maidsafe. Let’s say that you would just set the cost to register a domainname to 0,01 Safecoin (with a low price, a lot of companies would come on over). Tying a domainName system to your coin could allready give it value, you could even program it to send a reminder, if your domainname is about to expire, but let’s dig deeper.

You could ty it to commodities, personally I like the Terra concept of Bernard Lietaer the most. (it’s a long read, but it’s the good way to stabilize your currency, Ven of hubculture implemented this and it’s a stable currency) (Fun fact, Ven (XVN) is even on Kraken.com). If you really want to understand money (actually currency, man what the heck). watch all these video’s. Bernard is not your avarage cat, this dude created several succesfull currencies. If we don’t want Safecoin to take a rollercoast ride like the unstable cryptocurrencies out there, we should really take some consulting from Bernard (but that’s just my stupid opinion). All the stupid people droolling over coinmarketcap (BTW I’m one of those stupid people) are just fools. If bad news or a sudden big sell order can make your currency drop, your currency is playing the wrong ballgame.

If you want to go crazy over money READ

Some might disagree with me on this one, but we REALLY need Opengarden and others like it, imagine if we can ty Safecoin to internet access. Again here you want it, to be as cheap as possible, imagine that I send you 0,01 Safecoin and I get 10 minutes internet (this would all be programmed in the transaction, all a simple person like me does, is send you the coins). It would even be better if you can hop, from farmer to farmer and just paid for what you used, without the need to pick a farmer.

If you could send Safecoins from your client through SMS, email, NFC, bluetooth or whatever. Sending money to someone in the Netherlands i would only have to type: PAY TO: +31612345678 AMOUNT:10.00
Maybe this would help with the SMS sending

What if Safecoins lived totally independent of the network, internet and phone access. What if Safecoins could hop from phone to phones, you would basically be able to pay some one in the middle of nowhere. This is an example how this would work. Because the Safecoin could be send as SMS, you would even be able to send it to a feature phone.

What if you could send somebody a Safecoin, but they cannot spend it, it’s when you send them a second message that they can spend it. If you don’t send the second message the coin returns back when the time that you set is up. In a SMS message you would do it like this: PAY TO: +31612345678 AMOUNT:?10.00 (the question mark (?) in front of the 10.00 Safecoin, means send don’t spend)

What if I can add a wallet to my door @home and when I send it a Safecoin it opens up? I could be in a totally different country and my daughter forgot her keys, all she has to do is call me and i send a Safecoin and the door opens up.

What if a Safecoin is my car’s proof of purchasing and this Safecoin will only leave my wallet if I explicitly send it? Imagine my car being a oldtimer and the Safecoin auto updating the fiat price of what it’s worth now. Let’s say I want to sell my car and I send the Safecoin onto the MaidsafeMarket and everybody interested can immediately buy/bid on it. If we’re happy we seal the deal, this transaction would be real easy, remember the send don’t spend? What if 2 people send eachother a “send don’t spend” and if the Maidsafe system saw this it would just, change this to a spend on both sides. No third party needed @ all (I’m just a silly dreamer, that it would work this way, but it could work this way)

Basically what i’m saying with all these examples is, it’s not markets that decide the price of your coin. It’s what your coin can do that makes it valuable to people. If a coin would have a fiat price of zero, but i can access the internet with it, heck I can even purchase a domainname with it, open up my door and many other things, i don’t think I would care about a fiat currency price.


After rethinking what I said about the domainname registration, maybe Safecoin should also have the option to give TLD, instead of like Namecoin only a Dotbit. I was a little to short sighted with that one. The why companies would use a Maidsafe TLD, instead of Icann is:
Maidsafe could ask a lower price for a TLD, Icann is basically stuck with their pricemodel and with Maidsafe they got storage and back up.


In Suarez’s book Daemon the Darknet is what replaces corporations and nations. I am new to the genre but maybe that’s been a common theme.