What is your favorite name for a SafeCoin analogy to BTC’s Satoshi? (reboot) divs = irvines, troons, and ayrs?


Abbreviate it and make it a Scent :heart_eyes:


It would make sense for 100 safecents to equal 1 safecoin. The OP was referring to a pet name for 1/(2^32) safecoin or similar magnitude.

Edit: Actually, the divisibility of safecoin was originally stated to be at least 2^32 divisions per coin for each of the 2^32 coins. Considering the size of a safecoin address in the RFC is 512 bit, the final degree of visibility could be much greater depending on how much of the remaining bits are required for nonce’s and cryptography. For example, one safecoin might end up being divisible to 2^248 basic units once finally implemented. The point of the OP was to find a pet name for this smallest divisible basic unit.


what I can dream can’t I?

dang why did I delay posting this lol. Had it typed up before Fruico’s idea. Hell I was typing it right when Joe_C started typing his second message. Whoa Wavelengths Man


A like the ant reference (because it brings life into things, or the things into life) and oni… Ant logo would be cool.


I would so tip you a Scent rn to make you feel better :heart:


We can have a name for a 1/100 Safecoin and another for a 1/100 million (1×10−8), but that is just my 2 scents :wink:
Also we don’t have to copy paste the Bitcoin units, you could also call it 10 SafeNanos.


I am ok with dirvini and voted for that, although what about Safebits?


ants …? maybe? :smiley: (i would love to have ants xD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pjw2A3QU8Qg)


Or just “divs

Take it as short for divisions or dirvines/divines

EDIT: Yea one syllable works better than multiple. eg cents, pence

Is quasi-infinite divisibility useful?

Yes, divs, a simple efficient description. Better than dirvs, not as cute as divi. It is growing on me… referring to the most basic unit of safecoin divisibility ie. maximum divisions (whether that be at least 2^32 divs or maybe 2^248 as in the project safe doc, depending on final implementation). Coincidentally it also sounds like a name for a sharp pointy object, which may lead to a good marketing gimmick, or just reinforce the idea of repeatedly cutting/dividing a safecoin. Also sounds like “dibs” which in American is slang for “I own that”. Also coincidentally, divine has been referred to by name multiple times on this forum by accident or otherwise over the years…


Safetoshi? As previously mentioned in this topic by @whiteoutmashups :grin:

I suppose Davetoshi would be a good option as well haha


What about fena? Safe + Nano


Haha I forgot all about SAFEtoshi :stuck_out_tongue:

Rolls off the tongue quite nicely

And a nice, respectful tip-of-the-hat to the first major crypto project built inside


I swear I read that, like 3 times, as “make you smell better”.

As for divs, it’s short, quick, but also maybe sounds like a drug. “Hey man you got some divs? I could use some divs right now.”




How about “divine”? :rofl:


How about “vine” then.


Fen is a Chinese cent.


“Can you spare some devs?” SAFE will always need more software developers…

I guess depending on your accent or how you say the words, divs and devs can both be pronounced or emphasized like “deves” or “deevs”, as well as pronounciation for divisible->“deevisible”, divine -->“deevine”. But then the base unit might sound too much like dweebs… (although recent market trends are reclaiming this derogatory term for software devs and math/sci/tech geeks from hollywood more and more…) :wink:

You could always shorten the word even more to “d”, “di” or “dee” with pleural pronounced like deez. “That burger and fries will be 50ds please.” But that reduction could also subconsciously leave people feeling repulsed by rhyming with sneeze or sleaze. I just sneezed when I wrote this.

“With enough lunch for three, Mr. Magee and his little dog Dee head out to the sea at 6:43…” (my kids’ favorite book series)


We’re still too technical about it. Let’s use feelings.

What would be the smallest unit of feeling completely safe? I say “joy” at worst. There’s also a connection to “division”. No David though.

The MAIDsafe logo kinda reminds me of Celtic knots. Is there no good sounding short term in Celtic mythology?

How about “druid”? :rofl: