What is your favorite name for a SafeCoin analogy to BTC’s Satoshi? (reboot) divs = irvines, troons, and ayrs?

What is your favorite name for a SafeCoin analogy to BTC’s Satoshi?
Bitcoin has 10E8 satoshi = 1 BTC. What would be a good moniker for SafeCoin assuming 2^32 divisibility as in the original proposal?

Apologies to anyone who voted prior to the reboot.

  • dirvine
  • irvine
  • dirvinoshi
  • irvinoshi
  • dirvini
  • dirvish
  • david
  • other

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10E8 you say? Dirvato or Irvato of course.
Or Divato (Divide by …).
EDIT: to make it more clear: Dirv-eight(8)-‘O’-s.
This way it is easy to remember how small/big a Dirvato is, because with a Satoshi I tend to forget.

Nice. Please add any other ideas in the comments below, recommendations for the “other” category, etc.

I picked dirvine, because :thinking:
Think away the “r” and it would say divine, well it’s kinda like divine intervention that the SAFE Network will exist, don’t you think?

Yer wellcome dirvine interventor :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I like that one too. Coincidentally, I had a typo in the first version of this poll that had “divines” which should have been written “dirvines”, meaning the pleural form of “dirvine”. It was too confusing even to the OP. For that reason the thread was rebooted thanks to @upstate.

I picked “dirvini” because I think it’s fun to say and the pleural form is the same as the singular, much like one moose, two moose. I was thinking though that it would also be fun to spell it “dirvine” but still pronounce it as “dirvini”. One dirvini, two dirvini, three dirvini four…

A lot of currencies have names that start with the letter ‘d’. In some non-english languages, the pleural to words ends with an “i” pronounced as a long “e”. So one “dirvin” and two “dirvini” would make sense to folks in that part of the world too.

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I prefer “WhiteOuts” :smiley:


“safesies” :smiley: . Idk if this guys name rings a bell like the name “satoshi”(which oddly enough sounds like a currency coin in my mind for some reason) might be just cause its grown on me all these years due to bitcoin.

I voted other because I’d like some more options in the list:

Troon (or we could allude to this with Tron and only those who know the history would realise why Tron was chosen :slight_smile:)

I like Irvine too but only if David is ok with it.


:slight_smile: Troon rhymes with Doubloon, which was equal to 32 real . I agree with finding a lot of “other” alternatives. I found the use of “irvinoshis” in the forums and didn’t like it since it sounded too much like BTC copycats so figured it would be fun to have a discussion on this.


Troony … As in “Donald, where’s yer troonies?”


I voted for “other” and I would name it “divee”, one reason being I’m a goofball, the other is it kinda evokes divisibility, and the third, well, phonetically, it sounds like “Davey”.

So there.

a “div” is a juvenile british-english derogatory term for a someone with limited brainpower.

or at least it was 40yrs ago


For the better! A bit of self-irony shows confidence :relieved: Btw MaidSafe would redeem it as a term for limited storage power.

Kind of like a ‘git’? Isn’t it common in the software industry to label one’s product the opposite of what their vision is? Would anyone here have purchased the likes of “Macrohard Walls” in the 90’s?

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the more i say it, the more i like it.

the irvine = d irvine == dirvine

irvine has some link to water, which suggests just a drop.

I went back and voted for “dirvish”, because it reminds me of “dervish”. Only, I would cut it to derv, which supposedly means something like diesel oil. So Dave is there, but it doesn’t feel as schematic.

Still, I feel the true answer remains somewhere out there, yet to be reached :star_struck:

A few “others” to consider …

  • talent(s) : singular or pleural could be used considering the play on words as it refers to not only a special ability but to a unit of currency used in ancient times.

  • auto, autos, autonomi, autonomis, nomi, ono, onomo, onomi : refering to the autonomous network.

  • decents, or decenci : as in referring to decentralized or common decency.

  • renn : from perennial

  • dura : from durable

  • perma or nenci : from permanent or permanency

  • persi : from persistence

  • immu or immuta : from immutable

  • dependa : from dependable

  • nit(s), nity, or nitum : from infinity or ad infinitum, a nit can also refer to a speck or a particle/iota.

  • antsy : referring to ants or restlessness

  • anty, or ante : referring to ants and the little bit of money you need to wager when playing poker.

  • invar : referring to the word invariant, and a metal alloy you could make a coin from.

  • tinua : from continual

  • sten : from consistent

  • stern: from needing to be tough, or refering to boats/sailing.

  • nect : from connected, nectar as ant food, or could be said like “nest” to refer to an ants’ nest.

  • olo, ony, or oni : from ant colony.

  • attini, tin, or tini : referring to “attine” or “attini” farmer ants.


I am sorry, but I find all of the ones in the OP really bad :yum:

…I think someone mentioned safecents somewhere before and I thought that was probably the best out of everything on here