? what is - www.mysafe.network

Guys anyone aware of mysafe.network ?

Is this a market ready service powered by SAFE… in case anyone knows… i’m curious to know.

Doesn’t look like this will run on the Maidsafe network. It’s not mentioned anywhere on their site as far as I can see. Just looks like they came up with similar naming. Too bad for them the Maidsafe network will make their solution obsolete :wink:


I’m starting to have this mindset with most of the new apps/services that I see coming out.


this might only be true if none of the others gets big enough before the safe network is fully functional …

us not seeing someone at the horizon doesn’t mean there is nobody :wink:


… well yes that’s what I’m thinking… their only option maybe just to market a consumer front end to SAFE … the idea of selling access to a ‘free’ service is nothing new ! and there always exists that may pay… I thought this just may be their very unimaginative offering… ‘managed’ SAFE access ! :expressionless:

Sounds like what I’ve seen in a couple of NAS systems that allows secure access to the storage.

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This is just a bit more privacy conscious version of other “home cloud” devices you can get at Best Buy and elsewhere. At best it starts in the direction of what Freedom Box has been trying to do in an open source fashion. Lacking better solutions, it’s not a bad idea to have your own server at home, which this basically is. But it lacks distributed nature.

It’s also not open source, I think, and requires a license.