What is there to prevent developers being slapped with gag orders and being forced to comply with making backdoors

We’ve heard the horror stories, the lavabit owner being a prime example, of developers being forced into complying with demands of intelligence agencies whilst simultaneously being silenced by gag orders. To date I haven’t heard of any effective method to prevent this happening.

Open Source is the major answer. There are community members that do look at the code

The devs are international and to do a gag order like that requires multiple countries to coordinate their “gag” orders precisely. Very hard with the variety of countries.

But the other option is that when a gag order is issued then the devs stop, and in fact this is more likely. Then the devs in other countries continue. Or they start another project to do what SAFE does.

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What if the devs don’t know what they are programming?

Gag order, gone wrong!