What is the production rate of new Safe coins? Expected amount produced per day? Per year?

  1. What is the formula and precise maths behind the emission rate of new Safe coins once the network goes live? As per other coin projects, this must be clearly defined in advance with maths and not involve hand waving or pretty pictures

  2. On a related note, what is the expected daily amount of Safe coin produced a day? Per annum too?

  3. 10% of all Safe coins ever have now been allocated I believe. Of the remaining 90%, how much will be allocated to the network and how much will be kept by the Safe Foundation/team/company?

  4. What happens when all Safe coin have been allocated?

I believe this are all very important questions, the economics of this project is just as important as the programming side of it. And could well be the hardest part to get right… Particularly because you only get one shot at it. Bugs and software can be improved, but the emission formula should be set in stone for people to have confidence in the currency.

Thank you for the project and I look forward to hearing answers to these questions :slightly_smiling:

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I would suggest you head over to github for the math portion of your answer - no pictures though!


Not a freakin’ clue! that’ll be one of the metrics to keep an eye on when safecoin gets into testing.

It doesn’t ever get allocated…it gets recycled. Reference the RFC that I linked to above.

Let us know if you need any clarification on any specific wording in that RFC…it does get pretty complicated pretty fast.

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Simple answer, to be determined.