What is the name of this forum engine? And does it have AppStore app?

Or can I use Tapatalk with it?

I believe it somehow works with email but not 100% sure about that :slight_smile: It’s called Discourse and I think that @frabrunelle can answer your question about tapatalk.

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You can’t use Tapatalk with Discourse. Third-party developers could try to integrate Discourse with Tapatalk (for example, a community member tried to write a Tapatalk-to-Discourse bridge a few years ago), but the Discourse core devs are definitely not planning to do so.

Zero interest in Tapatalk – that’s a least common denominator solution. Half the functionality we offer isn’t even possible in Tapatalk, because it’s trying to render every forum software ever created in a single app.

Also having to download an app to get to a website… I think it’d be smarter to render plain 1996 HTML for slower Android devices, as mentioned several times upstream. If you happen to have something recent like a Galaxy S5, S6 or a Nexus 9, performance will be tolerable – remember we send down half the data on all Android devices.


There is no mobile app for Discourse yet, but the core devs are considering building a very simple mobile app that would let you receive push notifications.



As mentioned by @sam earlier, we are looking at wrapping the browser in an app shell as Slack does. But it is low priority relative to everything else.

The main advantages seem to be

  • native notifications

And, uh…, that’s about it? I’m not super convinced that native notifications are so essential that email has now been rendered utterly obsolete for the entire human race from this point on.

Tha main war we are fighting is the war for desktop equivalent JS perf on mobile.

  • on iOS we are absolutely there without question.
  • in this release 1.5 @eviltrout rewrote topic rendering from scratch with a vdom approach so it is 5x faster, which has a huge positive effect on Android.