What is the name of the coin?

It is a bit confusing. In the the document “A Safe Network Primer” they talk about safecoin. On other places I see safemaid, etc etc.
What is the right name of the coin and what is the symbol (ticker)?

MaidSafeCoin or MAID is a token issued in 2014 to raise funds. It’s traded on exchanges like Poloniex. Safecoin will be the currency of the SAFE Network, but it is not available yet. When it is MAID will be exchanged for Safecoin on a 1:1 basis.


This article answers a lot of frequently asked questions in a quick way 10 key facts about SAFE Network

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Thanks. I will review it in depth.
Is there an official wallet for safecoin?

Is there an official wallet for safecoin?

No - because it doesn’t exist yet :slightly_smiling_face: But for MaidSafeCoin you can use omniwallet.org

So this one is fake: https://safecoin.org/wallets/

Certainly looks like it - or another project with the same name maybe. Thanks for bringing it up. @maidsafe should certainly investigate.

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Your welcome.
If it is fake or another project with the same name it should be posted after investigation.
Just to avoid confusing among the forum members.


@SarahPentland @dugcampbell have you seen this.

Is that this one


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We came across safecoin.org during the last round of investigation into copycatz.


Looks like an unfortunate name conflict, but not a maidsafecoin scam. It’s a Komodo fork.

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Yes that’s the one. I suppose it has nothing to do with MAID?

Nothing at all except trying to ride the good name of this project.



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