What is the Internet Computer Token (ICP) ..?

If it has closed source code and the creators are trying to create a new monopoly, it is a bright red flag for me. I won’t be going near it.

If others want to replace Google, Facebook, etc, with yet another monopoly, I think they’re missing the point.

Safe network will get compute in time, but only once the foundations for data are in place. I strongly suspect that Safe Network will provide a far more cohesive and integrated solution than a collection of blockchains behind gateways too. Safe compute will be open and accessible to all and probably rather efficient too from the discussions I’ve read here.


I don’t know how many watched that video by Coin Bureau linked above, but has some very concerning things in it about ICP:

  1. use of an identity system tied to you personally e.g. via your phone.
  2. uses standardized hardware for nodes - perhaps even hardware they control the engineering and development of.
  3. Ownership of Dfinity company developing IPC is highly centralized with ties to WEF (world economic forum) and elites.
  4. Not all of the software is open source, although they do intend for it to be in the future … but then there is the hardware point #2 above.

IMO, this project looks to me to be part of a new Internet control grid for the masses.

Count me OUT.


Count me out too. But not because of some mysterious “elites”. If the code is secret, I don’t want it. It’s that simple.

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