What is the "account secret", and what should it look like?

what is the “account secret”, and what should it look like? what is my “account password” and what should it look like?

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how often do i have to use my account secret and password?. ie should i make them look like a bitcoin address or much simpler?

You can use the same string for both secret and password if you like - I do. Just needs to be a reasonably long password - 15 characters or so. Note it down cos if you lose it, it can’t be recovered.

Have you seem these videos? They might help you out

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They can be quite simple - it’s an Alpha after all, not forever. just 15 characters or so is enough.

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@Gimli87: Account secret generates the id of the account. This id is the key to retrieve your account packet in the network. This packet can then be decrypted with your account password + your account secret.

Both need to be strong:

  • account secret: to avoid collision with other users

  • account password: to prevent hackers from decrypting your account packet

@maidsafe: I already said several times in the past that a username (weak) + a password (strong) would be better:

  • Firstly, this is standard usage

  • Secondly, it would allow several users with the same username (with common names like David, Games, Family, Finance, …).

To avoid collisions between users, the account id would be derived from both username and password. Credentials have been implemented like this during a few days 2 years ago (exactly: between 19 July and 26 July 2016).

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Good points.

The issue I’d see with it though is that you cannot change your password as that would generate a new account.

this morning i had one ip address , when i couldn’t log into the safe network. this afternoon i have a different ip address. given that i still havent logged into maidsafe (i think) yet, should i use the first ip address or the second or given that now i have a new ip address do i have to start the whole process again?

No need to restart the whole, just re-register your IP address each time it changes.

i’m not sure what to do on this page: (my ip address changes over time) and i get this message:

                Core error: Unexpected: Could not connect to the SAFE Network

      Registered IP           not set

Current IP xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

NOTE: Unless your Current IP matches the Registered IP, you may not be able to access the network.

You would have set your IP address to start with, just redo that bit

Have a read of this topic

i got in, and my only app is “safe browser”


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I would say the contrary: you cannot change the password when the account id doesn’t depend on password because an account packet is an immutable data and immutable data cannot be updated. Doing that would need a core modification of network.

If (like I propose) the account packet depends on both the username and the password then you can change the password because this will create a new immutable data. An app could implement this without impacting core network.

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