What is SFE (Safecoin)?

I’ve recently bought SFE coin from yobit. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/safecoin/
Is this is one of your product?

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I answered you in the other forum, but since this is the best place to learn about the SAFE network I will copy the answer here

Real SafeCoin does not exist at the moment, which is what this project will be using in the future when the network goes live.

I do not know what these safecoins (SFE) are but they are not related to this project.

So I am afraid that noone here really can help but say you potentially have bought a coin that may not have any future.

The current coin related to this project is MAID (omni asset number 3) and is only a token that in future will be exchanged 1:1 for SafeCoin which will only exist on the SAFE network. Be aware that there are
fake coins out there be it safecoin or MAID. Ensure any MAID you buy is omni asset number 3 coin.


Seems like a scam to me.

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Found this on coinexchange.io
It literally says Safecoin. @dugcampbell @SarahPentland @nicklambert you all might already be aware but thought I would share.

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I actually opened a ticket with CoinExchange a couple of days ago to find out information on the coin. This is exactly what I got back from them:

Yes there is very little information. Keep your eye here for updates. I hope this is of help.
coinmarketcap .com/currencies/safecoin
CoinExchange.io Support Team


They weren’t very helpful, hope they dig further

I think this one might me dead Nigel, flat lining price and market cap. I also kind find any website to speak of. Thanks for letting us know.


I hope it’s dead and that they delist it soon. Always keeping my eyes peeled. Much obliged.