What if Maidsafe is made illegal?


Ok just stating the worst case scenario here. Madesafe gets made, it launches, it’s wonderful, it’s everything and more that we ever hoped and dreamed… and the bloody government outlaws it! What do we do? Say it’s illegal to download the software, to be caught with it, to have a safenetwork server on your computer, to transmit with it, to own safecoins, etc etc etc, that being part of SAFEnet is persecuted with the same tenacity as child porn, illegal drugs or laundered money. What do we do? Do we give up on the project or do we continue the revolution? Would being outlawed mean defeat or would it just mean a change in stratagy?


Because this is a decentralized Project. That choice has to be decided by each individual. They alone must weigh the risk/reward of their choices, depending on their local government situation.

I don’t think we (the community) should decide the fate of an individual and should abstain from getting involved in their choice to support or leave the project.


Fair enough tho it was something worth considering. Nor was I suggesting the community should “decidie” anything but rather inquiring what people thought and what their feelings were.


Move to a country which hasn’t outlawed it. Unless every nation outlaws it at the same time it will be legal somewhere.

It’s more likely it will be legal but if you do illegal things with it you’ll be given an extra harsh prison sentence. They could give life sentences to anyone caught doing anything illegal in the dark net and then it would still be legal but no one would dare commit a crime.


First think through what they would have to do to suppress this technology.

With bitcoin its “relatively” easy, because bitcoin has one main purpose right now, and there is only one blockchain - so identifying users is relatively easy. To outlaw bitcoin government could regulate transactions on the bitcoin blockchain. Then it crashes in value and a lot of people get upset in a very short time - still a problem even for todays subverted democracy. Even then, it forks, and government have to regulate a whole class of transactions… so even bitcoin is hard to outlaw. But SAFE is harder…

With SAFE, what to they outlaw? Law is meaningless without enforcement, but what do they prosecute me for doing?

  • For having software that incorporates a specific protocol? The protocol mutates in a fork.

The only way, and a far more effective way, is to scare people. So we get all the Dark Web, Paedophile and Terrorists propaganda etc. This is also what those in government and other centralised authorities know best - controlling the agenda, information, fear based manipulation etc.

SAFE is a direct challenge to that though. Unlike bitcoin, its raison d’etre is to undermine the centralised control of information, and counter its use for coercion. Regulation may be tried, but I think we need to come up with plausible scenarios for how it might be used - we need tech savvy some lawyers on this.

What about contacting Eben Moglen and other like him? I wonder if he knows about SAFE yet. Who would be good to ask Eben for a little help - maybe start by seeing if he’s already written about how law might be used against the FreedomBox project?


@happybeing instead of Eben Moglen we should be talking to Eben Upton and get Maidsafe on every Raspberry Pi rolling out of the factory. Action Jackson speaks louder than words.



Both! :slight_smile:

  1. MaidSafe won’t get banned before Bitcoin.

  2. MaidSafe protocol won’t get outlawed before the World Wide Web.

  3. Thankfully there’s no world government yet, but in the unlikely case it gets banned in any country, you can run a VPN to a leased MaidSafe node of yours parked abroad (you won’t get the performance you expect, but you’ll get a lot of other things including farming income). Send me bitcoins to set it up and a give me a cut from farming income I’d gladly manage a farm on behalf of a poor US or EU citizen who’s not allowed to do it…
    And for this purpose - if you connect to your overseas node via a VPN or similar - they cannot do anything about it. They’d have to shutdown the WWW first.