What if all government spending lived in a blockchain?


If some kind of autonomous contract system doesn’t kill govt (fingers crossed for grand kids) then what if any person who has a seat in congress any representative any politician who can be bribed and vote was only allowed to be paid in, spend in their daily lives, and vote in a delegated crypto currency that incentivized them to be truthful or there currency, voting power, and lively hood would collapse? Many flaws with this I’m sure curious if anyone has had similar thoughts.


I think it will start with decentralization autonomous organizations as campaigns. I think campaigns will leak like sieves once staffers and interns learn about SAFE network (especially if Hillary runs in US) and this will force the issue. Then it might flow upwards from there. …accountability and an accurate way to poll ones constituency, etc.


I would happily oblige and accept bribes exclusively in gold and silver.


If SAFE Network fosters that kind of honesty I’ll be happy the corruption and facades run so deep it disgust’s me. I’m hoping for that route as well (dac’s) etc but what do you think about govt blockchain auditing? I guess if federal income tax was gone then the source of my ethical issues would be gone so we wouldn’t need a blockchain audit but my point is if a politician was dishonest the consequence would be their livelihood because the same coin they vote with is their only way of purchasing anything in the physical world and since it’s publicly audit able they couldn’t trade it and or get lobbied as easy. As long as coin join stealth addresses etc were somehow ineffective in said currency


My earlier comment was intended to show how you can’t solve the problem with technology.
One way to solve it is to return to the US Constitution and implement a small government.

If you want to audit people, you’d have to make sure they don’t do what I said (accept payments in services, goods, other currencies and money), that they truthfully report their accounts and so on. Which means you still need the IRS, the police, the FBI, and all other bureaucracy that you have to day. Considering how today’s governments work, benefits of moving to the public ledger (blockchain) based accounting would be that they’d lay of 3 low-paid accountants and not immediately but rather in 2027 when then switch to this new bitcoin system…

One of many horrific outcomes of helping the gov’t implement bitcoin would be that they could eliminate paper money and force everyone to use a crypto currency which they could then inflate, monitor and manipulate at will while the abuse and theft would remain the same or get even worse.


Right! If the govt could claim bitcoin I would be seasteading haha. I agree with you thinking systemically that’s most efficient. I personally like change so I’m in alignment with the dac’s and everything being implemented on safe network. Wish the rest of the populous was more forward thinking :confused: interesting brain storm none the less :slight_smile: