What if a site or app demands you release your location to use it? Won't this nullify what the SAFE Network is supposed t protect?

Let me ask something… I haven´t read it all here, so if it is a repeated question please pardon meon that… but what if in MS world there were the cases in which a site instantly inserts a “cookie” or only allows you to log on to it if you give them your location, or wants to see you phone book. access you camera. etc …I know people don´t think about that . they just accept it when they want a new app or want to have whatsapp or facebook. they surrender their sensitive info in exchange for virtual pleasure…wouldn´t this undermine it all ?

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People are free to do what they want with their personal data. The thing about the Safe network is, they have clear concise controls over their data. Freedom of choice. Selling data for profit won’t be nearly as necessary on Safe, though, as popular apps get rewarded for their usage. Thus, the free market will dictate what people choose to be the winner. Why sell your data when another app can make money just by you using it without invading your privacy? Perhaps the people will still choose the Facebooks of the world, but at least we will have the ability to control our data.


thanks , that was a very good answer .

I suspect that with the Peruse browser, sharing of cookies between sites won’t be possible e.g. each site is isolated with something like the ‘incognito mode’ of firefox/chrome - such that each site is incapable of seeing the cookies and history of other sites. Can anyone here confirm that suspicion? @neo

So the only way they could gain information about you is through your direct submission of that information or possibly some meta-data derived from your browsing habits on a particular site. Vastly limited as compared to the clear-net.

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I cannot comment on this. Although that would be sensible.