What I’d sacrifice to see Maidsafe succeed if there was ever a problem which there isn't - solved

I’d sacrifice myself-(funds) at the drop of a hat to give directly back to my source of true freedom.


lucky we have you on our side and not flying planes for japan in WW2 or strapping up with suicide vest for ISIS! I think they all thought they were sacrificing themselves for a worthy cause. This one does seem more worthy to me but how can we know that is objectively true and not just that we have been brainwashed?


Hopefully you win the lottery then :wink:

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Didn’t this thread just get closed?


The original one got closed. It always strikes me as very un-SAFE Network like when wikis (like the old SafeNetwork wiki or Wikipedia wiki article) are deleted or when threads are closed by the way.

I like the idea if having a thread around for people to post ideas how to help the project.

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This needs to stop, in my opinion. The FUD is spreading like a virus, and it doesn’t help anyone, least of all MaidSafe and the SAFE Network. I just got this private message:


People leaving does not look good and is not FUD and it is not drama either. Without this forum I would be much mire worried about it than I am now.

My brain is always washed of impurities. Everyone else can continue not washing their brains.

Anyway I think if something like community-help were to happen, it should be done privately?
To prevent this kind of kamikaze mentality, and protect individuals.

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I’m not referring to people leaving. That’s a fact, which if people want to waste their time taking about—fine. I’m referring to lack of funding which is not a fact, and therefore talking about it is not only pointless but also simply spreads FUD. For that reason, this is the last I’m going to say on the topic. If you want to light up the ship, then you do you.


I would be for renaming the thread if that would help.


It was closed once… :thinking:

Like I said, people see smoke and they think fire. I have no idea why people think this is constructive.


Maybe I agree now that it is not constructive, but I (want to) trust that people can hear eachother and make up their own mind.

That’s what will happen on SAFE Network I suppose. There will be no moderation and no closing of threads.

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David - I think Nick mentioned you guys always stay in touch with a few VCs - is that option still being explored. Any references for outside capital, reputed firms (sharing the vision) through SOLID TBL contacts etc. We need solid funding to get this project off the ground with the reach, and participation needed. There are several folks, VCs that may share the same vision (for a profit offcourse) - not see whats the harm in that rather than having to see 12 years of hard work go down. VCs are many times on board with a strong product. Why not focus on decentralized storage first - and then extend that vision into the whole new internet thing. Purely based on decentralized storage solution should help get this project the funding it needs. If filecoin can raise $150 million, why cant safe. Have you or maidsafe team spoken to any investors. There are several agencies as well that help get capital from these VCs. Has anyone been contacted?

These things take several months to close. Things should have been in motion months ago or should be set now without resting hopes on community funding. SAFE team is much bigger now and goals loftier. This project will sink in the absense of big funding round. We need proper execution from professionals that share the vision. There are folks out there if aggressive effort is made…soon enough.

Just received word that there’s literally no problems. New funds have surfaced. We’re fine for the next 24 decades (until money becomes obsolete in the first place).


can you please share the news - what new things have emerged. I also think it is not a bad idea to merge this project into SOLID and have Inrupt support the SAFE team. The vision is shared. Offerings are complimentary - makes perfect sense. They have professional funding with aligned goals. Not sure whats the problem, if any.

Unless you can tell me that we just raised $100 million or something : )

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Hm I received a DM saying “someone said they may have more than a year’s worth of funding now,” which I read as multiple years for some reason. (Not sure who or where this ‘someone’ is/was.) But still… better than the figure some have gotten in their heads that it’s less than a year.

Plus there’s Fleming, which should showcase a number of anticipated functionality. That’s bound to be a little increase right there (conservatively). We may even get one of those big waves upward—which, really, could be taken advantage of, to the point where, on the way back down to the 20-30 cent range, an extra effort should be made to assure people that there are reasons to keep price around 40-50 instead. Just my opinion. (This is turning into the price thread now haha, all interrelated imo, anyway.) Maidsafe has traditionally been modest with marketing—perhaps actually requiring this recent spark/fire of money-related issues to be able to adequately combine both their nearing-final fruition and true marketing prowess that is much more pressing than over the last 5 years.

As if people can’t just see the work put in on github to clue themselves in on defining perseverance.

edit: “Greater-than greater-than 1yr possibly, now with less staff.” Communication is hard.

Thats from a post in the funding topic IIRC which mentioned the “just under 12 months” figure (end of this year) was from a time when BTC was like 1/2 what it is now and they concluded that this would equate to well over 12 months.

Let Maidsafe officially tell us what the actual situation is if they want to be forthcoming with that information.


This topic is very very boring. People must like repetition

seriously - why dont we collaborate with SOLID and become a part of it or something within that umbrella. Perhaps a subsidiary under that umbrella so that we can keep the SAFECOIN structure. Its just good partnership under one umbrella with aligned goals. We also have common UK links there : )

Sir TBL has a good name; Inrupt has funding and several more VCs will come running to Sir TBL if additional funding is ever needed. This cant be done alone guys - lets be serious. Folks have put big savings in this project with hope for a decent financial gain. We want the vision to succeed but there are economic reasons too. Am sure it is the same with some early investors as well. I think we have fine folks in technology and tech based execution. But we really need business execution experience here as well.

Leaving funding aside, I seriously think corporate integration between SOLID and MAIDSAFE makes perfect sense ‘in every way’ to take both entities to a whole new level to compete with the bigwigs.