What happens when I die

Let’s say I own a popular news website on the safe network. Then I die (or lose my account). Will that website be there forever showing old content?
What happens to my safecoins, are they lost forever?


Yes the content will always be there. Unless you gave access to others via multi sig etc. The site data will always be there though, just the pointers to it may not be at your site any more if that is how you config it.

Again not with multisig, just using SAFE on its own with no sharing of any data, even securely like multisig, would mean your coins are locked forever.

There will be a plethora of options as we grow though.


But is it possible to reclaim the web address after a while? Because as a normal website visitor it would be strange that suddenly a site doesn’t get updated anymore. And it’s not possible that someone else puts a message with a reason on that site, because he doesn’t have the key. (In case of no multi sig)

My question is how easy will it be to set up multisig or a deadman switch or other such things. I still haven’t really figured out how to use multisig with bitcoin or how that all works so perhaps that speaks to the need for an easy entry ramp (considering there are those who I’d be explaining all this to that barely know how to use the internet and are at an even lower technical level. :smile: What happens if I want to get my mom using this stuff?).

multisig will be simple, select X names, state Y of them have to sign updates and you should be done.


Sort of like how you need x number of a y number of board of directors to sign on financial transactions for a non profit society. (Which is a case in point for a practical application for the SAFE network. :slight_smile:).