What happens when atomic bomb designs etc. get into the SAFE Network?!


What happens when dangerous information, like designs for huge bombs, or SARS, or deadly nanobots get into the SAFE Network and are INSTANTLY & PERMANENTLY available to EVERYONE WITH INTERNET ACCESS??!?!

…just wondering if anyone has thought about that…

(I’m a die-hard MaidSafe fan by the way, but I just had this thought and it scared me @dirvine)


I don’t know man, I guess we will find out. The unknown is what we all live for right?

Also remember all information can be made public already; tor, i2p, torrents…etc.


That is an interesting question. It probably will get onto SAFE Network and it probably already is on the Internet.

Atomic Bomb designs in particular are a poor example because an Atomic Bomb design isn’t particularly dangerous. Bioweapon designs on the other hand are terrifying and truly dangerous. Chemical weapons designs are truly dangerous.

Is there anything we can do about it on SAFE Network? No.

Counter terrorism experts have the career to worry about that stuff as they get paid to. SAFE Network will not hinder their operations but it would require they modernize their methods.

SAFE Network developers from my perspective and interaction with them do not have the time to worry about this stuff. I do think they care about it but developer time is quite scarce because money is scarce. As a result we will have a SAFE Network which will present both a pandoras box of new risks but also new protections.


True it can be made public and always could be. Technically SAFE Network doesn’t facilitate leaks better than the methods which already exists. What it does is allow people to store data sort of like Mega Upload but without the ability of authorities to shut it down for political reasons.


That’s hilarious.

So what if they get into the SAFE network?
It’s not like one can order the components online and build it in his garage.

The value of such designs, were they to be posted on the SAFE network, would be zero.

And please tell us what kind of idiot would post such stuff on the SAFE network?
“Please download and evaluate my design, and if you like it send a $19.99 check to Mr. Jon Smith. Please do note that this design, despite being freely available on the Web, is not freeware. More details are available at the author’s page at lovedabomb.tucows.com”.


The worst kind of such weaponry - the ‘dirty bomb’ is easy to conceive and build…which is why it’s so difficult to get the the particular types of radioactive isotopes. The Safe Network does nothing to change that fact.


Dirty bombs are not any particular threat - at least from radiation. There is no way to effectively spread radioactive material with conventional explosives. The effect would be negligible (apart from the explosion itself) - radioactive material would not be enough to kill anyone as the very small amount of radioactive material will be dispersed widely and harmlessly in no time. Dirty bombs are scare stories to scare the public and the stories don’t explain the science - otherwise people wouldn’t be scared into giving up more privacy in the name of protecting against “terrorist threats”.


Dude have you been on TOR recently? Have you SEEN some of the shit that is on there? Seriously? And you’re asking this kind of question? My answer is pretty much not a hell of a lot. The average sheeple doesn’t venture much further than their facebook page or from their friendly neighborhood pintrest or amazon browsing. And even an avid researcher who would stumble upon such things also needs a) the scientific backing to understand and utilize them b) the proper materials to put it into practice c) motive to do whatever is being done and d) oppurtunity and ability to exercise said direct action. So to take the atomic bomb for example. You’'d need to have the physics know how, you’d need to get yourself the bomb making materials least of which would be fissionable material which is a bitch to get a hold of without raising a military level stink about, you’d need a reason to blow something up, and you’d need a way to deploy your newly crafted explosive without blowing yourself up unless of course you were willing to go all kamakazie. In short while the knowledge might be easily accessable for most people it’s all just academic because they’re not willing or able to go to all those lengths to do all that.

Pleaple from what I understand can be anonymous on safe. They can also share files publically and anonymously so I believe the ad would look more like this:

“Information on how to construct this device is avaialable here. Download freely and use at your own risk. Donate to this bitcoin/safecoin addresss ****** . Further information can be found at this file on the safe netowrk.”


Sure that’s more likely, but still:

  1. Consider the totally absurd ratio of risk/reward for everyone involved.
    Think about posting that info in return for a possible 0.02 in BTC donations.
    Think about downloading that info.
    Think about donating bitcoins to that address.
    Any two people who try this would be complete morons are hence guaranteed to fail.

  2. Design may be worthless/fake.
    Even if one had the means, resources and intentions, a crappy freeware design from the Internet is the last thing they would rely on.

This Topic is the most absurd on this forum by far.
Adn those UPPERCASE WORDS IN THE TITLE really made my DAY!

Next, I am looking forward to a Topic about the possibility that MaidSafe.net people are Aliens or NSA employees.


Well…now you mention it…I’ve noticed some suspicious signs. For a start I think Warren was onto something about people pretending to be Scottish. None of the Maidsafe team seem to have the authentic Mel Gibson accent and they clearly represent the 1% of Scottish people too - not the 99% they claim - none of them have the tell tale bright orange hair sticking out from under a tam 'o’shanter. …I’ve seen loads of the proper Scottish people in the World cup crowd…they’re not fooling me…big green scaly bastards I tell ye!!!


The unconscious is about to be released. What happens when every infidelity finds an echo chamber out of reach of slander and libel. Welcome to the new default nudism. And to learn that its such a conservative effort from an engineering standpoint and therefore all the more likely…


Thanks for all the replies everybody,

I guess I just wanted to make sure we are thinking about that kind of thing.

Preparations, even just mental, are always good:)

So things are gonna be okay?


Freedom of information hasn’t killed us yet, only made us more educated people. My question is how do you all know so much about bombs? Haha ;p


True anonymity in conjunction with widespread access and far reaching instant, easy persistant, dissemination- aided by search will mean a reduction in privacy but much more important possibly make organizational secrecy impractical or not worth it and yield transparency. Which may finally yield people openly asking for things directly .i.e., I want those people to have less power.

But in the mean time people trying to preserve organizational secrets will try to push trusted members into wearing contant bugs that record everything all the time violating the privacy expectations of everyone they come into contact with. Its been done before. In Soviet system there was a period were everyone was expected to inform on everyone else to the point that it was an offense to be alone.




What’s with you, Warren??


I’d like to offer something about values- another day. Still like to throw some stuff out.


the same thing that happens when atomic bomb designs get into libraries


anyway try to focus on the positives, what happens when people are more secure in their online persona’s data and communications?

of course we can sit here and talk about all the bad things that bad people will do, but that doesn’t work towards achieving all the good things that good people can do.

let the gov’t employees take care of the bad apples that would cause physical harms, that’s what their primary reason for existence is anyway for the last few millenia


Yes and god forbid anyone should do their job for them or otherwise make them obsolete. That would just be catastrophic.


You guys are right,

Sorry this is actually a pretty dumb post of mine…

I was just worried one night and posted it.

Can I delete it?!

I dont wanna cause any worry around such an essential step for humanity…

How do I delete it though?!