What happens to pieces of data if a device is shut down or it dies?

Ive been reading on safenetwork.tech “How it works” and I would like to understand something I’ve though about while reading.

Under the heading Behold, The Serverless Internet it mentions that data is broken into chunks and dispersed across the network. If a device with a chunk of data that you’re looking for is shut down or dies for some reason, what backup is there to allow you to still read all the data that you request from the network? Are there chunks that are duplicated on different devices as a backup? Or is data cached in some way?

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Yes. Each chunk has up to 8 copies* with a system , that it is stored with some hops over the network to have coverage to the file around the world. It will help with bandwidth and if some content will be too popular, than it will be cached for that period to be available for all users all the time. Common size of chunk is 1MB, but can be less for smaller files.

*The 8 copies could be just 6 copies. It is not set yet.


Multiple copies are made.
If a vault goes offline that is holding data (chunks), that data is replicated in another vault to maintain all “spare” copies.


Thanks for the reply. This makes a lot of sense.

Can anyone recommend any topics (or even other pages) on this forum that can help me understand the inner workings of the safe network? It’s such an interesting idea for me and I really want to know more (not just the basic understanding, I want to go more into the technical details).

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Theres alot of discussion, on what aspect in particular?
You could always try the search function?

Edit. Also some videos on youtube that explain simply how it should all work.


I think mostly about how data moves through the network and how apps and/or websites are hosted. For example, If I were to send a message to someone on the network, how the data actually moves through the network and reaches that specific user.

Edit: Also routing, if you were to access a site, is there a DNS equivalent to know where to access the data from?

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Plenty of detail in the SAFE Network Primer


Thanks very much. That’s exactly the type of thing I’m looking for! I appreciate the help.


Recommended to read:

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Here are also some links to more in-depht stuff.