What happens if you visit an unknown site?

I’m a newbie… And i got into Safemaid because i was looking for a secure way to browse the internet. In doing my mandated reading for membership… I have learned that Safemaid is a conglomerate fueling a cryptocurrency called Safecoin and that the browser mostly works by caching small bits of websites on peoples computer. Because the program isn’t complete, there are some “bootstraps” which i presume to be servers connected to traditional internet in case someone decides to visit an unknown site… Correct me if i’m wrong.

This feels very p2p to me… which is cool. I like p2p but i have no understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency although I understand the idea presenting of a value-service exchange and I’m ok with it for anonymity. However, I have to ask what if I visit a site that’s generally unknown or unpopular? Would I have any anonymity? Also, what’s the difference between Safemaid and a p2p Vpn for anonymity? Wouldn’t they do the same thing essentially? Albeit, I can reason that the problem with Hola is that you may be the exit node for some unsavory content. That doesn’t seem to be a problem here as the key is caching instead of bouncing between nodes. Again… Correct me if I’m wrong.

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Hi @cjhoneycomb - I suggest you read 10 key facts about Safe Network and then https://primer.safenetwork.org which should answer most of your questions.


It is called SAFE network, and it is being developed by MaidSafe.
The network hosts the sites in encrypted little chunks stored on people’s computers, so it is much more than just anonymous routing of data.


Oops… I wrote that have sleep. I know it’s the SAFE network by MaidSafe. My bad. Still have sleep… I was going to ask what’s the difference between MaidSafe and Beaker… but your post answered that. Encryption.


I guess this is the point I was looking to make… Does the browser only work for SAFE sites? or can it handle all protocols? I don’t see that anywhere.

just safe://, otherwise you will have a hard time keeping it private and secure.

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So this requires it’s own search engine… is one already in place?

Thanks… I should have read those first. It’s not blockchain, people just use that term a lot around here. I also understand the difference between p2p Vpn and MaidSafe is distributed encryption. And the bootstraps are the innovators of a particular safe site…

I was half sleep when I wrote that and the guides work but what wasn’t answered in the guides was anything about the development of a search engine. My original question is about “unknown sites”. In this case it would be a site originated by an innovator. How would someone go about finding that?

There is no search engine yet, but I agree that will be a top priority when the API is stable. Search engines are quite a challenge for decentralised architectures. I’m not technical enough to understand all the ins and outs but if you search the forums for ‘search engine’ it’s an issue that comes up quite often.