What happened to Thrun's AI class doesn't quite wash


Sebastian Thrun does a free AI class

It yields 400 people who score higher than the top scorers at Stanford.
He says his students at Stanford already don’t actually need him.

Gets discouraged because only 10% actually complete the class and most don’t do well.

Stops making it free starts charging $800 for the class.

Says he gets advice to have his own kids play piano so they can get into Stanford.
Says he just wants them to be happy.
Says the payoff in education is employment so charge and charge especially for employment related corporate classes.

Now I guess the presumption is that anyone who could score higher than the top Stanford student already doesn’t need him or his class.

But I am not so sure. Does charging for it mean we now have an even higher rate of people than the 400 that already scored higher than the top Standford student? Or does it mean we have half that rate or much less?

Does it mean that over the next decade the world will have 10000 people who could have scored higher than the top Stanford grad at AI never enter the field or become competent in it? I think such a result is more likely because Thrun just cut out the developing world and most of humanity for useless profitability. He is already rich! So what is up?