What happened to Render Farm Gaming?


For sure the cloud is centralizing and not the way forward but for gaming I thought game streaming would bring us render farm gaming where in a massively multiplayer format players would have access to real time rendering on big hardware where the system simply rendered a viewpoint on a more broadly rendered world. I thought we might see global subscriptions that would grant access to many mmorpgs. As for bringing this into the distributed computing domain on SAFE I am guessing that even if latency were much lower and nodes were proximate to each other, short of physical buses or something exotic like q communication that wireless schemes wouldn’t replace a data centers or large computer’s physical fabric or high speed buses and this type of application wouldn’t scale well. So what happened to rendered gaming? Nvidia seems to have big data centers in mind and compressed latency so much that they feel the East coast of the US can serve the West cost? This type of tech could really set developers free. It seems like it could have been a natural approach for future WOW iterations.