What features can be functionally utilized now?

I’ve been following the Safe Network project off and on since around 2014, and I see that progress has been made, but I’d like to know what you can Practically do with the browser, network code, etc. right now. Can I only access/utilize safe websites, etc., when the devs have a testnet running? How about network data storage? What can I functionally do with it now?



You can use it either when there’s an official testnet, or join a community testnet, or run a local multi-node test on your own computer.

By by join I mean run your own node on your computer or in the cloud. You don’t need to run a node to do the following though:

Functionally you can store and retrieve data, create test tokens and send and receive tokens using digital bearer certificates (DBCs). At least folks have been able to do those things in recent tests.

The browser needs updating before you will be able to view websites. You could upload a website as it is just a container of files but not much point for now.


So where do i join testnet community and how do i run a node. Where ar links to data on how to?

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There aren’t any testnets running at the moment. Keep an eye on the forum and you will see the thread when one is started