What exactly would require the use of SafeCoin?

The FAQ isn’t entirely clear on this, but what exactly would require the expenditure of SafeCoin?

I got the impression that whenever you use the network for uploading data, any kind and any amount of data, you use some non-zero amount of SafeCoin. Would that mean I need to spend coin:

  • for posting every message on a forum like this one,
  • for sending an e-mail or instant message to someone,
  • for talking to someone over VoIP (would it still be VoIP? :smile:)
  • for uploading a web page,
  • for uploading a video to a YouTube-like site,
  • for commenting on a video on the previously mentioned YouTube-like site,
  • for storing files in a private cache on the network?

Is that how it’s supposed to work?

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You technically don’t spend Safecoin for those things, you expend PUTs, which you purchase with Safecoin, so it’s one layer removed.

As far as I am aware, all of those examples besides the VoIP and possibly IM would require purchasing PUTs. You should be able to route data through the network without actually storing it anywhere. At least I assume that is the case. Thus VoIP and IM (when the conversation is not saved) may not require PUTs.


There were also plans to allow people to sponsor PUTs to data for their site etc. It was discussed during the safe devcon.


There is nothing about PUT transfer mechanism and that can have issues of people trying to game the buying/selling PUT Balances. The idea has only been mentioned.

Mind you there is really very little about actually buying the PUT balance as well. About 5 to 10 lines of description and pseudo code about it (and that even has a bug in it) contained in a very old RFC.

It will become clearer as/when the dev team start discussing implementation of safecoin in earnest