What does MaidSafeCoin (3) mean?

In my wallet, my MaidSafeCoin is called MaidSafeCoin (3).
What does this mean? Thanks!

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It was the third coin that was created on the Omni protocol. That’s why it says MaidSafeCoin (3), funny enough there are also other MaidSafeCoin (with other numbers), but the real MaidSafeCoin is MaidSafeCoin (3).

Check it out here: http://omnichest.info/sp.aspx


Great relief! After reading about fake coins, such as the current SafeCoin listed some places, I was worried I bought the wrong coin.
Thanks friend! Here’s to HODL’ing for years to come!


Please try not to post how many coins you got, just for your security reason. And super good that, you inspect your precious coins like that, most people don’t even look. :vulcan_salute: :stuck_out_tongue: