What does maidsafe jira mean and will we complete current sprint on time?


i just noticed this link, if everything has been done there, we can get the whole project done, right? i saw 5th of October dev thread, it said we could complete the sprint in 3-4 weeks, but now there are still many things we need to complete, so will we get the release on time?

I wanna see maid’s price goes up, current price makes me upset, hope the project will be done asap.

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Not sure the issue really, the chart shows the devs are ahead of schedule. Are you seeing something else somehow. This sprint is due for completion on Friday all going well (we can never tell as you would expect though :wink: ).


Since its seems like its your first time tracking the board you can’t really tell how fast this sprint has been. This has been the fastest sprint implementation i have seen so far. The Tasks are been done really quick due to proper planning through use of the RFCs. And it is safe to say it will be done on time. Core Dev are doing a great job. :grinning:


Yup. I take a look at it, and try see if I can implement it. This is me…

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