What do you think about using a SAFE female sticker?

Feeling a bit yucky about the casual use of a sexualized pinup girl to advertise the SAFE Network (does that represent that who we are?), but love the updates!

Note: this was originally a comment on the weekly update for today.


Hey friend,

I don’t see anything wrong with using a female sticker for the project? SAFE is not only for the male half of humanity …

If you notice the name of the sticker is :power: Women are also strong, like men. And when we are together we are even stronger! Yes, there are not many women here at the moment, but let’s hope that will change in the future :power:


Dimitar thanks so much for making these stickers they are so much fun. :power: :safelove:


The lady with the arm up in the air I thought was a nod to…

“Rosie the Riveter” was an iconic poster of a female factory worker flexing her muscle, exhorting other women to join the World War II effort with the declaration that “We Can Do It!”

Maybe we also need a Lord Kitchener safe version.

… but they do come from a war era, maybe we are fighting for information freedom, I’d prefer not to have a war over it though.


Yes friend, while looking at the stickers of other crypto projects I saw that men are widely used. Since they don’t want women… why don’t we take them :wink:


I see the image as representing womans rights and have no issues with it.

Nonetheless if it is misinterpreted or seen otherwise by even a few I would say it may be better not used in official capacity.

I’ll ask my wife her opinion seeing as we have so few females to ask on here but maybe @Sotros25 can shed her opinion too.

Edit: ok so my wife’s opinion… “the image is a little too sexualized but does mostly agree it represents womans power.”


Like I said earlier, that image reminds me of this cool singer :+1:


If our sticker represents the rights of women, whose rights represent the gentleman in the suit and the gold glasses… :bitcoin:


I’m sure if we use the SAFE platypus there will be people who will find it sexy :wink:

See how playfully she gives her snout :safelove:


Generally speaking the image of Rosie is associated with female empowerment/ liberation, so it’s a much better choice than say a playboy bunny with a SAFE logo tattoo. However, using a symbol like Rosie also requires maintaining a consistently women-friendly environment (which I think this community generally does). Otherwise, use of the iconic imagery will seem like tone-deaf appropriation.

I’d suggest maybe giving Rosie a shirt with sleeves like the original. It’s not about being prudish, but more about putting the emphasis on getting things done rather than being a sexualized object.


I think the safenetwork is 100% gender neutral. We should not try to turn it into something male nor female.

I see the logo Dimitar made as all the other ones as a fun thing.


You are 100% right and that’s why I think we need every women friendly image to attract women to the project, because we are currently 99.99% men…

And the sticker is not about women, but about the fact that if we work together we will achieve a lot…

Edit: I changed the sticker with the SAFE platypus :safelove:


Agreed, great phrasing!

I have no problem with a woman on a sticker, the sticker in question just happens to be a “pinup girl” (literally the title of the original image on several image-for-sale websites) which is the relevant issue for me. She’s sexualized and disproportionate (breast to body ratio). The particular image struck me as leaning more toward creepy-male-gaze territory instead of empowering. Not trying to censor anyone, just wondering how deeply the optics were considered. Love the platypus :joy:


How does the ratio beak to body seem to you, friend? I hope not too exciting? :happyant:


You know I love a good beak :bird: the sharper the better. And, bonus, platypi are not marginalized in the tech community!

:safelove: :happyant: <-- destined for love?


The lady was clearly a better choice than the palyptus. It was fresh and symbolized the empowerment of the marginalized.

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I agree, but if you are familiar with Taleb’s work, you know that a small intolerant group will prevail over the crowd…

Btw the Lady Power is still here and you can use it with :power:

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If it makes a repeated appearance in the development updates it becomes official marketing messaging whether intended or not. More neutral messaging in official project communication, such as that of nature scenes, is preferable IMHO.


A brief note to mention that I’m always delighted by your enthusiasm for SAFE and I hope that my stated opinion is understood as not contrary to that.


Friend, I act with great confidence. I participate in discussions with even greater confidence. But I’m here to learn. I am far from thinking that my view of things is true. I make mistakes quite often. When I’m wrong, I’m a man enough to accept it :power:


That’s what I thought too. But we do live in funny times now…being offended on others behalfs, and by stickers of women is a thing I didn’t think would ever be a topic on this forum. Upside down world it is.
Might have to change my profile pic back to the jelly fish incase somones feelings get hurt. In fact I think I’ll just use it as my profile picture.