What DEX do you prefer to have eMAID listed?

  • Uniswap (V3)
  • dYdX
  • PancakeSwap (V2)
  • AppolloX DEX
  • Kine Protocol
  • HoneySwap
  • Astroport
  • MM Finance
  • Biswap
  • SpookySwap
  • DODO (BSC)
  • SushiSwap
  • THORChain

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Other suggestions are also welcome in the comments.


https://pulsex.com/ - I personally believe that PulseX will be a good place for eMAID, because there is literally a group of people there who have sacrificed billions of dollars for freedom.

Privacy. Security. Freedom


I moved this to #safe-network-token since eMAID and MAID discussion live there. And since eMAID is now live all talk of eMAID is on par with Omni.MAID


I’d be interested in options where you can place buy / sell orders, e.g. Etherdelta / Forkdelta (better options may exist, as I haven’t used these for a long time).

Does anyone else prefer control over the price they buy / sell at while providing liquidity?

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Most definitely i do, the way i trade isnt workable in a liquidity pool.


might be wise to also point out/clarify whether or not eMaid being exchanged to Safe coin in future might mean that Safe coin is also going to be ERC20 ? per this speculative post on publish0x


All of us long timers know that.
No safe coin will not be an erc coin.
It will exist on the safe network.

Will some entity create a wrapped safe coin token that is erc?
most probably yes.

The whole article seems a little off…

" Maidsafe liquidity is now 10000% better: "

Simply not true at this point.

“Web/Internet privacy, encouraging network growth among users by enabling the safe rental of your excess storage capacity to host encrypted files from anyone wishing to store somehting on the Internet/web.”

Data will be stored in the safe network, not the internet / web.


Well once you make Maidsafe exchangeable, the Maidsafe currency is subject to bi-directional conversion runs Maidsafe itself cannot control, with ERC20 format supporting both inbound and outbound flows of value to and from Maidsafe token…, which means Maidsafe needs to be competitive in terms of the timeliness and quality of their value add offer, in the Storage market segment first, and no longer operating in isolation from hi-frequency whale operated trading platforms as what has been the case…, as the price for eMaid emerges on exchanges expect more price volatility, especially if the whales jump in and start to play eMaid.

The conversion from omni maid and erc maid to safe coin is a one way deal, not bi directional at all.

The conversion from omni maid to erc maid is also a one way deal, and not bi directional.

They are just place holders until sn is live and we have safe coin.

If you meant exchangeable on traditional exchanges, safe coin will be available for ppl to create many things with, but we should be able to do anything erc can do natively within the sn.

We cant say who will do what and bridge what to what, that will be left up to peoples imagination and skill.

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It’s likely too early to say one way or another, but the notion of wrapped or ERC20 Safecoin came up in discussion during work sessions to get to eMAID. I think it’s most likely the case that there will be bridges between Safecoin and other protocols, with Ethereum being just one. Who will create those bridges is also very much TBD.


I have high hopes for Polkadex so would like to see eMaid there.