What country are you guys from


I’m from Caracas, Venezuela but I currently live in Sydney.


Australia - long time - but originally England


Sunshine Coast QLD Australia


Australia :australia:


LOL, let’s hope that Australia is not banning Cryptocurrency like China :-o


There has been zero talk of doing such a thing. Even the ATO has rulings on bitcoin.


I’m from Chinese, and I created a 中文 topic at 中文(Chinese):欢迎来到 SAFE Forum 论坛


I’m sad to hear that :frowning: , I think this is temporary. The rainbow will show up after the rainstorm.


The Netherlands :netherlands:

Congrats to all countries that did qualify for the WC in Russia next year. :sob:

Cheers to Scotland for not making the cut on goal difference either.:beer:


I’m from Bulgaria. Currently living in WGC, UK.


:canada: Canada / Quebec / Montreal


Thanks to the xenophobic clowns who voted for Brexit £1 == 1 EUR.

We should still have 3 parties though. You bring the Belgian beer though…


I assume it won’t be in Brussels then, because the Belgian beer part won’t be a problem there. Unless you really want a Westvleteren Trappist :wink: .

Ps, maybe a Pound becomes equal to a Euro, but the governement’s view on encryption isn’t: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/jun/19/eu-outlaw-backdoors-new-data-privacy-proposals-uk-government-encrypted-communications-whatsapp


Ready to play against New Zealand for the pass to Russia World Cup

Here from Perú


From :croatia: Croatia - living in Düsseldorf :de: Germany :beers:




Hi, I am from South Africa as well. Nice to meet you!! First message and seems like a great community and proof of concept :ok_hand:


I am from India and an engineer


New Zealand


From Berlin, Germany