What country are you guys from


Hanoi, Vietnam where you can find “Pho”


Hello guys, i am David from Dallas USA, i i am kinda new here, hope we will enjoy our stay!! about me: i’m 67 and i have health issues, taking eplerenone for it. also i am always pro - safe net and that’s why i’m here. hopefully we would help each other.


Hi, I’m from Belgium.
Long time lurker, looking to be more active on the forum!


From Ethiopia. But live in Seattle, Washington


I am from Egypt :grinning:


Switzerland :switzerland: (yes that flag should be square), living in Hong Kong :hong_kong: for a while.
BTW thanks for asking! This feels warm.


so, you are in China. Hongkong is a part of China.


Depends on who you ask :stuck_out_tongue:


Are you trying to educate someone who lives in Hong Kong about the status of Hong Kong?

I think they may have some awareness of the issues surrounding that.

I’m sure you’re aware that currently, living in Hong Kong is not the same as living in other parts of China, and it’s well worth someone saying they live in Hong Kong if they do, rather than just saying they live in China.


I need safe network before Tayyip kills internet


I’m from Croatia :croatia:


:laughing: now i feel the need to make a stack of cakes


I’m from Palestine. (aka the occupied territories) :palestinian_territories:


Everywhere and nowhere: :uk::nigeria::uk::us::jp::us:, in that order :wink:


I´m from Brazil. :brazil: :brazil:
Cade os :brazil:??


It made my mouth water. :yum:


Não direi que sou brasileiro, pois esse governo não pode saber que temos essas moedas, senão vai querer toma-las


I’m from Italy, am I the first or I have lost some posts? :it: :it: :it:
Hoping to see more Italian users. :wink: :wink:


Brisbane Australia aka BrisVegas


I’m from Scotland, not too far from where the Maidsafe team are based.