What country are you guys from


Canada - grew up near Ottawa, lived in Vancouver for a decade, did a startup in Hong Kong for 2 years, before moving to US (San Diego then Seattle). I look forward to going back to Canada someday :slight_smile:


Khabar baik. Should catch up huh?? :grinning:


Wilmington, Delaware, US

Born in Nepal :nepal:


Melbourne, Australia.

This is our flag:


France for me! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


An other French, i’m happy :slight_smile:


French also, the fifth in this thread.:baguette_bread:


TEXAS!!! Looking forward to this thing taking off!


@RikD always nice to see I’m not the only one from The Netherlands, Utrecht to be precise…



I would’t say the best but definitely unique and the only national flag that is not rectangular in shape.


I am from Beijing,China.


Brazil!!! :brazil::brazil::brazil::brazil::brazil:


Wow , was absolutely sure I’d find someone from my country listed already … but no.
Hi everyone from Israel, Tel Aviv :grinning:


Wales, UK, Europe, Earth


New York City. There’s gotta be at least one meetup here


… and you may be the very one that makes the difference!


Actually, the Swiss flag isnt a standard rectangle neither. It’s square.


Australia :slight_smile:


My city’s name is Xi’an. In China.


I’m from Australia. Beautiful weather and landscape.

Its winter and a warm today today 31oC Every 3/7 years we have a mild winter and this was one of them. I hear that this would be considered summer weather in Troon :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Amd we’re 10 hours in the future :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: