What country are you guys from


Haha lol

Lots to see out there man


Brazilian, believe me I do not live on trees kkkkk


New Zealand…(a little island off Australia !!)


lol, i am from China, and i am really interested in BlockChain and decentralized storage solutions. So happy to meet u guys.


Hi. Where have you been? Hope you had a nice time.


I am from north India


Greetings to all !

I am Arthur Rommes from Amsterdam ( The Netherlands )

Organizer of the Amsterdam / Netherlands’ MaidSafe:

And Co-Founder ( since December 2014 ) of the Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam:

An Association of not only Bitcoin enthusiasts but above all (aspiring) Blockchain Professionals ( so various Blockchain and Crypro-currency projects including Maidsafe / SafeNet ).

We frequently receive foreign visitors and facilitate speakers and organize events. Also checkout our website: BitcoinEmbassy (point) NL

We are located very near the Amsterdam Central Station which we refer to as the Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam.

Should you be visiting Amsterdam do not hesitate to send us a message ( so we can meet you ) or alternatively feel free to join our Bitcoin Embassy if you like to stay connected !

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Arthur Rommes


No plans to move to Old San Juan, Puerto Rico (aka Cryptopia), like Brock Pierce :wink:


I may be the first one from Nepal. Hmm


Subotica! :smiley: I had a great time, loved Serbia and the people there! Very friendly :slight_smile: - Have a great weekend! C


I’m from the USA. Now South Korea. Later Japan. I can’t sit still.


Brazil (20 characters)


Born and raised and currently in New Orleans on business… can’t get my wife to leave Atlanta… just spent 2 years in music school in Boston… but I have lived in and prefer Europe (Barcelona and Paris) and drag my wife kicking and screaming over there whenever possible.

(Our last trip may have persuaded her to agree to a pied-à-terre (foot on the ground) in the form of a small studio in the Marais.)

Although my heart generally resides wherever my wife is… I reserve not an inconsiderable chuck of it for Paris.


Australia! Adelaide, South Australia to be precise. Hope others from SA are here.


Brixham Devon
English Riviera? Wish I was in Portugal this time of year.




@CRYPTOGLYPHi :ice_hockey: no?


China! :smiley:image


Dublin, Ireland.
Can’t wait for Safe to go live!


hello guys nice to meet you i am from India