What country are you guys from


I found myself reading every single comment in this thread, it’s very intriguing (also good for trust level)! I’d love to see a survey to get an idea of where comunity members are from, and what keeps them busy.

Seems like there are a ton of Dutchmen here, Benelux Maidsafe party anyone?



For organising a Dutch/Flemish meeting, look here: Nederlands (Dutch): Welkom op het SAFE Forum


Bok :blush: Koliko namjeravas drzati? Kojem prinosu se nadas?


Europe and the world ! (I don’t like being defined by a country)


I’m from Finland. Finland has quite a nice cryptoscene considering how small the country is.


bit boring…


From the UK, been lurking awhile, but finally decided to register.


I am from the Netherlands


Sydney, Australia :smiley:


I’m from Brazil (20 caracteres)


Maine, where the moose and lobsters live.


The Czech Republic (Moravia).


I’m from Russia, St.Petersburg


florida, USA
perpetual heat
more like perpetual humidity
cold is 50 degrees F


Queens NYC… MAID wats good ! :yum:


Ohio, USA. Just joined.


Another Belgian here



Welcome to the forum!


Thanks. It’s getting used to the new environment, but I’m eager to see where the rabbit hole will lead me :wink:


Barcelona, Spain :grin: