What country are you guys from


I am from Australia!

I’m honestly hoping when I get as far as having access and can contribute my network space, that my poor Australian ADSL2+ is a good enough connection to warrant Farming!

Maybe it’ll be a race for which is fully implemented first, the NBN or Safenet completion. (not that they’re competing tech).


Former Grand Duchy of Tuscany (simply Tuscany nowadays), the nicest part of Italy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



johor!malaysia👈 (20characters)


I am from Serbia. Merry christmas to all :slight_smile:


Pues yo de un pueblo de Alicante… da gusto ver a un paisano!!, jajaja


Sydney, Australia!!!


From Japan :japan: :jp:


from China ,beijing. :slight_smile:


I am from Croatia :sunglasses:


Im from Switzerland :switzerland: /GER Language (Brauche jemanden der mir maidsafe story und die Benutzung der Browserapp näher beibringt :wink:


I`m from Siberia, Russia


Liverpool UK, Home of The Beatles.


Vancouver BC, :canada:.


Cheeki Breeki


You’ve got a dragon in the flag, big win.


From Czechoslovakia, but based in Budapest atm. Anybody around?


#11.5(there is a dutchman in Germany) from the Netherlands! No people from Poland on Safe?:frowning:


Yes there is and also a maidsafe developer :slight_smile:


Markic :joy::grinning:


I found myself reading every single comment in this thread, it’s very intriguing (also good for trust level)! I’d love to see a survey to get an idea of where comunity members are from, and what keeps them busy.

Seems like there are a ton of Dutchmen here, Benelux Maidsafe party anyone?