What country are you guys from


Hello. I am new here, and I am from Canada.


I am from Korea(South Korea)


I’m from a soon to be independent Scotland and it can’t come a day too soon.


Hi! Aquii haha :brazil:


Hi ,
I am from New Zealand.


Hi ,
i am also from New Zealand , Blenheim Marlborough. Which part of New Zealand are you from.


Marlborough is a great place. I am down in Christchurch. It’s good to see another kiwi here :slight_smile:


I’m from North Korea


I’m from Brooklyn, NY. Right now I am just north of the Mexican border loving life and eating tacos.


Canadian in Tokyo, Japan. It’d be great to hear from anyone in the area.


I’m from France too :croissant::wine_glass::cheese:


Are you bps? Love this YouTube channel, a canadian in Japan too


Hi Capivarao,
That’s not me, but I’ll check out the channel.


I’m from Belgium! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:




Man that looks nice.




Have to like your post because of the photo.


Adding another to the UK list.


I am from Belgium and living in the United States!