What client software is needed

What is needed to be installed for

  1. browsing the safe network
  2. to be a farmer
    What is Peruse?

Where to find the different the software downloads?


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The best answer to 1.

Wait on Alpha 4 (it is just a piece of software). Should run on any (most) network-connected computer (mobiles later)


so first version of safecoin now is officially part of alpha 4 and no longer ‘beyond’ :thinking:

@Hugues first you need to whitelist your ip for the alpha 2 network at

and then you can find the browser peruse here:

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Thre are many ways farmers can work on alpha 4, I hope its test safecoin though. So not officially safecoin just yet, but farmers for sure.


yes sure - wouldn’t make sense :slight_smile: - cool!!


I whitelisted my IP and now I have to use the invite token to fill in in the authenticator.
What is or where do I find the Authenticator?

It’s part of SAFE Browser. So when you start the Browser, click ‘Create Account’ and you will be asked for the token.

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ps: oh was on my mobile and didn’t recognize the link was already there in the post above … never mind …

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