What category, terminology do we use for the Safe Network and its in network token

Never said it was did I?

That is understood. But it is not a prison we are in, its society under government rules.

I think that “internet” might be right category. Until now it was not a “category”, but a single thing. We didn’t think there could be more than one of them. But the birth of Safenetwork changes the situation.

“Darknet” is not an option, because it think it refers to a subcategory of current WWW. Safenetwork is not one of those. Safenetwork makes the division of “hidden” and “public” network moot.

When I tell people about Safenetwork and Maidsafe, I usually say something like: “They are building new Internet.”


Yeap, i think that the term “XOR” (as used for network resources) is also not that good. XOR is just an implementation detail and that’s irrelevant to the end user. Why not call it network name or maybe id?