What categories do we need?

If it isn’t too long “Network Issues” or “SAFE Issues” might help encode the “problems / solutions” aspect into the name.

I vote for the inclusion of Off Topic/Politics section. Makes sense.


I agree an off-topic/Policies section would be good Also a Philosphy section would be good since much of what we’re doing involves what we believe and that kind of discussion can get quite extensive.


There is now an off-topic category. We will split it into politics, philosophy etc. later if necessary.


What do others think? Perhaps we should add a “Politics” category for political topics that have some sort of connection to Maidsafe and keep other political topics in off-topic?

I think that the Strategy category that we have now is similar to marketing (it needs a better description though). Could we use that one for now?

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Maybe “Off Topic” is still OK. I just think we need a HUGE Red - The views of chadrickm :wink: are not the official views of MaidSafe - The central idea of MaidSafe is Privacy Security and Freedom for all the worlds people! Everything else is subjective speculation on what would make our world a better place. I’m sure someone could do a better job than that…

To me Strategy is for MaidSafe in it’s totality. Marketing is also a strategy but more specific on ways we could promote it. I wish (maybe I wish) discourse had tags…

Can’t stop seeing this:


Yeah, Strategy could probably just work for now unless it grows too large. It’d be nice if it did. 50% of most budgets go into marketing, something you never see (for obvious financial reasons) in open-source projects.

It’s why non-profits tend to never gain heavy traction. People donating money don’t see marketing as an important use of their money, when in reality if most non-profits put more money and effort into marketing correctly, they’d probably receive more money than they would otherwise.

Economics - I can’t find a thread I was looking for

I would like to see a category called “Meetups” where safepods can announce events, meetups and conferences. It could also be used for online events such as the SAFE Cafe hosted by @dllasoff: SAFE Cafe #1 - 19/7/2014 Tomorrow!.

Right now, I use the “Strategy” category, but I think a dedicated category makes sense.

It would also be the place where safepods can publish their meeting minutes. For example, see this post by @erick: Let's organize the world's first MaidSafe conference!.

That way we can see what other safepods are working on and inspire each other.


Francis, thanks a lot for bringing this up. The following is written to anyone reading this forum:

I would like to see a category called “PROMOTION.” PROMOTION takes in the idea of marketing but it’s more than that: It’s evangelism. It’s more to the point of what we need to do now without anyone else telling us what to do. We can do it on our own or get together with others. We need to be saying, "Hey, here’s something you need to know about. PROMOTION also says, “Hey, here’s something you can do.” It’s a call to action. Instead of merely reading stuff on a forum and giving an opinion (all quite valid and good to do), PROMOTION is an opportunity to pass along information to others. Say, for example, people tweeted stuff to their Twitter followers or put events on their Facebook page or some of the other social networking tools out there (No, I’m no expert) Everyone of us who are already sold on the MaidSafe proposition could help to get the word out. Why do this? It’s in your own self interest, especially if you own MAID. If any of you are following the market cap, it’s on the rise. Why? The network visualizer is up for people to see that the technology works, David & Nick have appeared in conferences and on podcasts and in the Press quite a bit now. There are 2 SAFE Pods up and running in SF and Montreal. People are starting to talk about MaidSafe more. There isn’t a lot of buzz yet but PROMOTION is about getting some of that going…not hype, just talk…talk about the facts, talk about what MaidSafe/SAFE Network are and aren’t and definitely identifying benefits surrounding core values: Privacy, Security & Freedom. I’ll be getting the SAFE cafe going, writing articles, tweeting and answering questions about what I’m doing to “own” the SAFE Network. I’ll be talking about app builders who are building killer apps and we’ll be doing our level best to PROMOTE the Open Value Network (OVN) model for self-aggregating communities designed specifically for the SAFE Network. This is hard work, an uphill climb that’s more like trying to find the toe-holds in a rock face rather than simply hiking up a mountain. That’s the reality and we should accept it and PROMOTE the challenge and look for pioneers and earliest adopters to join our ranks from the world of OSS and beyond. We can all “own” the SAFE Network and imagineer the very bright future that we are all colleagues in creating. PROMOTION means putting the SAFE Network and MaidSafe up in front, holding the things we’re doing and learning high up above the crowd to see. If we are waiting for MaidSafe to do this, we’re missing the whole point of the project. This IS NOT MaidSafe’s primary responsibility. They are giving us the technology. It is OUR responsibility to PROMOTE MaidSafe if we believe in the team, the project and the core values openly espoused. Let’s all take PROMOTION on and not wait for someone else to do it. I’m just one guy and I know I can change the world as we know it by adopting the SAFE Network. You can do the very same thing. Together we will become a force of nature in the doing of this.


+1 good call on the Meetups category!


Yes, good idea. I have added the meetups category, with the following description:


Everyone, feel free to discuss this further. As I added the Meetups category now I think that some of what you (@dllasoff) describe will end up in Strategy and some in Meetups. It’s certainly not easy to get the right structure of categories and I prefer to make small additions/changes and see what happens but please continue to make suggestions.


I think the penny dropped why you chose the Penrose: “impossibility in it’s purest form”

created by the artist Oscar Reutersvärd in 1934

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Ive posted this: Paige Peterson presents MaidSafe at Libertopia 2014 in Press but it doesn’t feel like the right category, neither is it something to put in Meetups. If we would create a category for these kind of presentations and also maybe the lectures from @erick etc. what would be the best name for that specific category ?

  • Videos
  • Presentations

other suggestions ?

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Maybe Demos?
or MAIDSAFE 101 - for putting all the instructional videos and basic explanations in?
It could also be used to sort of test out system Docs, (so each of the system docs would have a page where people could suggest edits or ask questions, thus keeping the actual system docs Gitbook looking clean.

first thought was that as these are “spreading the word” I’d put them in strategy which covers marketing, or meetups at a stretch as the content is very similar to what gets posted in meetups.

Maybe we could broaden meetups, to include meetups, conferences and presentations?

Hey @David, @frabrunelle, @happybeing.

I was thinking about this post, and I’m not sure that its really off-topic. I mean its Storj and not Maidsafe, but I think its relevant to know what is happening in the space. I feel that way about some of the bitcoin 2.0 posts that end up in off-topic.

If Storj has successes or problems, whether on the technical side or on the community side, I for one, want to know about them, so that I can know how the MaidSafe team or community is going to imitate/mitigate similar things.

Isn’t there a better place for posts like this, and what topic would it be?

If there isn’t a good topic could we create one? A place to discuss other projects in the decentralized internet 2.0 space?