What categories do we need?

In the default installation there was already a Meta category. I have added a Development category. What other categories do we need?

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I think perhaps,

  • Core Dev [deep c++ tech discussions, topic based, mailing list still handles small basic tasks]

  • Builders space [API and application development space]

  • Strategy [community strategy, economics, politics, media etc.]

I also think, amazing job, well done and thanks. Let us know any imagery you want for logos etc. We would be delighted to use the penrose triangle we have, it looks very cool etc. The community wat want their own though. (sorry should be in strategy)


Please add

Safecoin: Crowd Sale (MSAFE), Farming, Valuation, Wallet Guides, How to Video Links

SAFE Network: Getting Started, New User Guides, How to Video Links


Thanks David!

So how about we split the development category that I made into “Core development” and “App development”, does that make sense? I’ll add “Strategy” now.

I added the Safecoin category. I’ll wait with SAFE Network, I’m not sure that people would understand what to put in that category and I don’t want to create a catch-all category. For now, it’s perfectly fine to post uncategorized topics and we’ll figure out some of the categories later. Ok?

No problem.

This is already a better improvement than the smorgasbord of topics on our google dev list.

Sounds good to me. We’ll see what types of conversations occur here and adjust accordingly.

Definitely add SafeCoin.

Already done. :slight_smile: Seems like you might have to reload the page to see the new categories when creating a topic though.

I see it now. Never used this style of forum before. :smile:

How about a dev category for projects? both projects from the MaidSafe, when they want to share what they are working on, and independent builders who want to be heard.

And technical documentation?

Yes That is probably better.

Yes, I like the suggestion too for a projects category. And the technical documentation would be good to move off GitHub - I like GitHub, but I think their wiki setup is horrible.

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Just looking at the first 2 sections of bitcointalk.org as a reference (next two sections are Other and Local).


  • Bitcoin Discussion
  • Development & Technical Discussion
  • Mining
  • Technical Support
  • Project Development
  • Economics
  • Marketplace
  • Trading Discussion

we could have, “important news and announcements”, “general discussion” (for users), “market place”/"trading discussion

If mining is going to be forum topic I really hope the disqus platform has good filters. I’d hate to see this even resemble bitcointalk. I might be a while until 200k users or so flock here though

I have added a Press category for news articles etc. about MaidSafe. I’ll wait a bit with Announcements, don’t want everyone to start “announcing” their new projects there. I have added the category Projects as suggested.

I won’t create anything like General discussion just yet cause I think that if we do that we should probably force people to set a category. Right now, uncategorized will also be general discussion, that way categories can evolve naturally.

For now, use Development for all development and we’ll figure out how to split it up later (core, app etc.)

Also, if you create a post and can’t find a good category for it, leave it uncategorized and put a note in it that you think that it would fit in a category called X.

2 cents: It’s best to keep category count low at first then create more based on what is necessary. For example, I have a feeling “Press” will be little used as people tend to post to the subreddit for that kind of stuff. If we notice people posting a lot of press related stuff as “uncategorized” then we know we should add it.
I suggest only Projects, Safecoin, Development and uncategorized to start.

Yeah, I agree with this. I will leave it at the ones we have for now and see what happens.