What can we learn from eVe V?


I have been hanging on this forum since 2014 and I am happy to see that we are moving forward steadily. It is also great to see that marketing is a question that is gaining more attention in the forum.
I think we can learn a lot from others that has a strong community that have helped them succeed.
My favorite is the eVe V. For more info and inspiration see:




Man, I’ve wanted one of those for years, but my own laptop just keeps on ticking.
So, I can’t find the excuse I need to splurge on one!

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I have just had to start a fraud case with my bank to get my money back from Eve.

I originally ordered in the first flash sail back in December 4th 2017. So had to wait 9 months for no laptop and a refund that never came so I hope no one at maid safe learns anything from Eve!!

Altough there website is kick ass but it was designed by a company called underdog.

I think the site is difficult to navigate on a regular desktop and all the moving stuff on there is just annoying, but to each his own.

The laptop/tablet design is interesting to me, but I don’t see any mention of any OS other than Windows. Do you know if the company has considered other OS:s like GNU/Linux at all?

I have a Librem 15 and I’ve pre-ordered a Librem 5. The Librem 11 looks interesting to me too, but there is no telling when or if that will be released.

Do you use pureOS and if so how do you find it?

I tried PureOS for a short while, but I just didn’t like the looks of it. I didn’t dig deeper. I’m used to Linux Mint, so I wiped the disk and installed Mint. I ran Manjaro there for a while, but switched back to Mint again. I have Mint LMDE on my Librem 15 now.


I thought it was a great idea and was one of the early backers. Bought their best configuration. It worked for 2-3 month :frowning:
I have promised a warranty replacement every 2-3 months for almost two years, but nothing happened. I even asked if they would repair it at my own cost, no answer.
So the Eve V ended up being the most expensive paper weight I have ever seen.

Do NOT buy the Eve V unless you don’t need it, and if you do anyway then pray that it never fails, because Eve V don’t care when they have your money!


Glad I managed to get my bank to refund me after I waited for 9 months and still hadn’t received anything.

Eve was a bad disappointment when it was such a good idea!!

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