What business model will safecoin has?

What kind of business model it will has?
I think ethereum & maidsafe both think ‘great technology solves business model’ like mistake.
Please inform me if I was wrong. Thanks in advance.

Do you mean what use cases will SAFEcoin have?

If so, you can use it to

  • Create your SAFE Network account
  • Register a domain name
  • Buy storage
  • And in the future, to do computation

I think you underestimate the SAFE Network if you compare it to blockchain technology like Ethereum. The SAFE Network is the new internet, blockchain tech (datachain) will just be a small piece of this puzzle.

If you look at bitcoins hashing power it’s the most powerful computer, but it’s actually a waste of energy and people need ASIC’s to mine most altcoins. SAFEcoin on the other hand can be farmed by everyone, all they need to do is provide computing resources. SAFEcoin will be more widely used than every other cryptocurrency, because people don’t need specific hardware or an exchange to get it.

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Thanks, but what I mean is what advantage safecoin will has compare to centralized services which already exist? or decentralized services that find their cash-flow business model? (Steemit,maybe LBRY)

this analysis can be applied to maidsafe too?

What advantage ProjectQuorum can give people to make them change from their current social network service like Facebook or Steemit(decentralized!)?

What SAFE streaming service can offer people so can compete against NETFLIX or LBRY(decentralized!) ?

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These are applications that will be built on the SAFE protocol and strictly speaking not part of the SAFE network being constructed my MAIDSAFE, but written by people to run on it

SAFE is secure storage that utilises “vaults” supplied by people around the world. Also no transaction fee “instanteous” coin transfers. Also encryption of all traffic and additionally messaging of many forms. And more

Please scan the forum for the many answers to your question. Its like trying to repeat many topics in some concise form that will under describe things.

But it seems you are viewing this from an application layer looking for a business case and there is none if you are there. This is a network layer project and as such the business model is rather like TCP/IP business model. With coin payment system added.


Thank you very much. I really appreciate it. I read this forum occasionally but I need to thoroughly check it I guess.


In that quote by Vitalik:

First, there will be no “killer app” for blockchain technology. The reason for this is simple: the doctrine of low-hanging fruit. If there existed some particular application for which blockchain technology is massively superior to anything else for a significant portion of the infrastructure of modern society, then people would be loudly talking about it already.

Contrary to Vitalik’s view, I think the common analogy comparing advent of the blockchain to the advent of the Internet is very apt. The fundamental technologies of TCP/IP enabled many killer apps. Email, Web, Ebay, Facebook, iPhones, etc… Killer App meaning people get onto the tech because they must to access the app it supports.

Killer apps take to time to come as we take time to understand the new medium.

Likewise for Maidsafe apps, I think there will be parallels. It will take time to figure out what we can build with the tech. But when it happens, the business models that it will enable will be huge.

Even if we look at the unicorn newcomers like Airbnb, Uber, and suchlike. They are pulling in billions on a platform that really wants to be decentralised, nobody likes paying model to one central global body who’s taking a large slice for being the middleman. Decentralised apps seem the immediate next step. But to push the point, this step would be akin to early TV being radio shows with pictures, and it took 20 years before we invented the sitcom.


Yeap Vitalik is obviously wrong about killer app. I seriously doubt ethereum’s success.