What browser do you use apart from Chrome?

Want alternative to Chrome.

I use FF and Brave browser
Whit Brave browser you can follow instruction and support community fund:

I generally use Firefox, DuckDuckGo and Chromium browsers.

Firefox with NoScript add-on… there are far too many 3rd party scripts on sites these days to not control them by default. No other browser seems to offer that… it’s a wonder NoScript is not included by default to Firefox.

Topical… just appeared on BBC

Brave browser with rewards turned off.

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Also a fan of Brave


Do you mean the Chrome DuckDuckGo extension or the page?

Isn’t Chromium linked to Google?

The Chrome engine is open source maintained by Google, so it’s as privacy respecting or not as the organisation which uses it to make a browser, not Google. An example is the Safe Browser, another is the DuckDuckGo Browser.

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Turn the rewards on and tip this page.
@Dimitar will use the funds wisely.


My understanding is DuckDuckGo is a search engine which I can access using the browsers of my choice - mostly Brave but also Chrome and FF.

It is, but they also made mobile browsers for android and ios.
Or so Google tells me.
I also only knew it as a search engine until today.


Ah OK. Not being out and about a lot these days, I do almost everything on the desktop/laptop. My phone is for when my mum calls or I want to play some Android game.

Once the mobile development starts up again that will change though :slight_smile:

Hve you seen this. Seems relevant:

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Smash the fash :slight_smile:

brave browser! if you watch youtube, then bravebrowser would be your choice. It removes adds of youtube!

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Yeah… now switched to brave-browser and liking it… simple import and uMatrix looks a good potentially better option to do what NoScript does in Firefox.


what does the NoScript feature do?

There is another I came across not tried yet Dissenter browser - Dissenter | The Comment Section of the Internet

It is programmable extension that allows the user to selectively enable/disable certain script. Fairly easy to use and you can set it to automatically allow certain trusted scripts.

The reason is that if you go to a site then its scripts will not run till you allow them. Thus if you go to a bad site then it will not do bad scripted things automatically.

I use it to disable google tracking.