What are your business ideas for the SAFE-Network?


Well Elon Musk have some project to bring worldwide high speed Internet with latency about 25ms.
His satellites have to be quite lower than current ones( from 36 000km above earth to 400-1 200km ) Than it is possible,
Other idea is $1.2b project with about 900 satellites http://www.oneweb.world/ with promising 30ms latency and probably due less satellites only 50mbps speed.

They both use Frequency between 10-20Ghz which is quite good for long distances, especially with high attitude, but storms will disturb it quite often.

Oxygen attenuation:

Rain attenuation:


Hi, there are a number of posts on this forum about this topic, just search for “copyright” or similar. Here is one to kick it off:


Nice idea. I’d get one.