What are your business ideas for the SAFE-Network?

Do you have any formal business ideas for SAFE? Lets hear them.

One idea I had was to offer a storage solution particularly targeting average joes, mums, dads etc. that are looking for photo/memory storage solutions.

I came up with this because I realized most people are storing so many personal photo’s and videos across multiple devices and networks (usually phones), and because of that sitting down with family and friends to look at photo albums has become a thing of the past… and of course the MASSIVE problem of malfunctioning hardware and the loss of personal photo’s and videos (this recently happened to my wife).

The key part to all of this is that these images and video’s need to be easily uploaded, and viewed across any device, they need to be SAFE and secure.

Most regular Joe’s and Mum’s don’t know what a NAS is and cannot be bothered setting one up and many people don’t want to pay a company like Google or Amazon money to store their photo’s and they have a genuine concern about privacy.

If you can target these people with professional highly emotional ads on places such as Facebook and offer a real, working solution, prove to them it is easy and most importantly safe a percentage of them will take the offer up.

Once they do this its only one step away to get them onto SAFE network. Today you sell them a NAS home media server, tomorrow you offer them to add further security, features and farming capabilities on the SAFE net and its pure mathematics that a certain percentage of them will be upsold to the SAFE model.

The beauty of this is that I can technically begin working on this already… ahhhh just need to make the time. If anyone is interested in a project like this PM me. technically just need a Shopify store and to drop a couple G’s on small compact home NAS servers and some money on Facebook and YouTube ads.


Please tell us your business ideas.


Manufacture and sell “unlimited” USB memory sticks.
An auto mounting SAFEnetwork account that you can top up by sending SAFECoins to an address printed on the USB case or one generated at “install” time.
Limitations: need an internet connection to access “USB stick contents”
Pros: nice familiar introduction to storage on SAFENet for the public untill they realise they can access data from any device using secret and password generated as part of the USB “install” procedure.


Incentivised real world crowd sourcing provider.

Want to gather detailed air quality or weather data?
Build in my module, and enable people to take delivery of a device and appart from it carrying a function, in the background it will earn SAFECoins by running a vault.

Could propagate a meshnet in this way. Hand out free farming devices, with extendable storage if users so wish, but the device is a network node on an independent internet broadcasting and receiving network signals. Infrastructure building.

Edit: someone wanted to build custom farming devices… if you could build in a meshnet in to it, that would be fab. We would soon have city coverage.


S3 compatible api on the clearnet that uses safe as backend store


Have a few ideas … I suppose the biggest idea, which I am sure many others may be thinking about as well would be to create a social media DApp … SafeBook/SAFEPlace/??

I suspect that if this gets built by someone – and it may be inevitable – then it could become THE ultimate social media center for the entire globe.

In my version it would be a not a for-profit business with open-source code … essentially a one-stop go-to DApp that would give search (allowing custom plug-able algorithms), blog/vlog/commenting, sharable calendars, trello-like board system, and endless feeds.

Add a nice interface to create, subscribe, view, & contribute to feeds. Users can create multiple public and private profiles and optionally add specific tags to each of them which remain private and - unavailable to anyone. Feed advertisers can target these users with tags - however they do not learn anything about those users, including who they are and what other tags they might have listed in their private profile. Feeds would go one-way unless the user decides to engage with the feed. Basically, your tags build your input feeds and you could have as many as you want and organize them how you want.

Perhaps some tiny revenue system could be built in (from advertisers?) to facilitate code development and debug.

Ideally the whole thing will be autonomous like the Safe Network.

Unless someone else gets a good start on this before me, then I will work towards making this happen in a year or so after Beta is launched.

Before that though some of us on the forum are planning on launching a SafeApp Group to help developers with quality control and quality assurance for users. More info is here: https://safenetforum.org/t/safeapp-foundation-ico


The beauty of where SAFE is heading with decorum and solid, is that people can use a number of Applications and still be talking to each other even though the others are using different social Apps.

If done correctly from the start then users own their data and any number of social applications can present the data within the social network the user has created for themselves.


Nice try E corp! Haha.

Jokes aside:
There are not my business ideas, but some world changing or paradigm changing things I’m looking forward to in the next 5-10 years after launch. Maybe it will inspire someone to build one.

Deep learning - the sheer amount of data that will be available will be amazing. As homomorphic encryption and safe compute come online… The flood gates will open.

Free movies / TV legally - with PtP there will be no need for commercials or paying for movies and TV and such. If it’s a good show, it will turn a profit. (Ideally anyway. I hope it’s set up in such a way that that will be possible)

A better, near perfect Tor (inside the onion)

Global, serverless, 0 downtime MMO games (petty I know, but I’m a sucker for MMOs)


A global sports book and fantasy sports gaming platform, ala, a combination of Vegas and DraftKings. A one stop shop for the more seedy fun, free from government intervention and regulation.

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Sometimes regulation isn’t a bad thing. Draft Kings is better (more trustworthy anyway) now than before regulation.

I disagree. People should be able to do anything they want, as long as all parties involved consent. Let the market work out who is trustworthy and who isn’t.


It was okay with you that DraftKing’s own employees, who had access to privileged, valuable data that gave them an edge, were playing the same for-money games as the general public (and winning big-time pots!)?

Yes. People rig things in all kinds of worse ways than that, and people still play them. A few Carnival games are virtually impossible to win, at like 100,000:1 odds. Most arcade games are rigged, people still play them. Should we tell people they can’t spend money to play a fun game, even if it’s rigged? Everyone knows they are rigged and play anyway.

It’s not up to me to determine what people do with their money. I’m not their keeper. Not to mention, any savvy player can/could win at Draft Kings, or a similar model. There were people who made their careers out of it, using statistical analysis to dominate their competition to the tune of a few hundred K a year. Should that be illegal, also, because they have the intelligence that gives them an edge over others? Many wise guys have inside knowledge of sporting events, up to the minute injury reports, etc. They put in the work and it pays off.

If people find a site unscrupulous, they don’t have to give them money, and they can give it to a competitor. Give people the freedom to do what they want with their money.

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In this regard, I’ll take government regulation. I feel much safer playing on DraftKing now than before regulation. To each his own, I guess. The problem with your analogies is that, being a new industry, most people did not even suspect DraftKing’s employees were doing that sort of thing, much less even being allowed to play. Most of us have a pretty good idea of the risks involved in going to the carnival. The advantage of statistical analysis you speak of that allowed some to make a few hundred K a year playing on DraftKing has, to a large degree, been ameliorated, with the decrease in the maximum number of entries per contest per account and other measures put into effect after regulation, measures that would never have happened without regulation.

Why shouldn’t they have been allowed to make a few hundred K? I don’t see a reason someone should be torn down because they were too good. If someone wanted to make a competing product that limits entries, then so be it. Let the market decide. Why should the government have a hand in punishing people that are too good? Do they do that for Texas Hold 'Em players? I’m sure many professionals could show up on a Vegas table on any given night and wipe most average Joe’s of their money.

Even for the employees, there isn’t much edge that they can get that your every day wise guy in Vegas can’t get. In the end, it is still based on players playing a game that can go any number of ways. There’s no reason the government needs to be in the middle of that.

“It is absolutely akin to insider trading,” said Daniel Wallach, a sports and gambling lawyer at Becker & Poliakoff in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. “It gives that person a distinct edge in a contest.”

The episode has raised questions about who at daily fantasy companies has access to valuable data, such as which players a majority of the money is being bet on; how it is protected; and whether the industry can — or wants — to police itself.
Even Las Vegas is regulated. Ever hear of the Nevada Gaming Board?

I’m aware Vegas is regulated. I don’t think it should be.

In any case, I think we’ve derailed the topic enough. I’ll let other people chime in with their business ideas. Good talking to you.

Agreed. Same here. Have a good one.

If anyone wants to do anything with casino or egaming related, I would be very interested to work with you or hear some ideas at least.


That should be no problem I think, like in the Parsec protocol the concrete coin (also inspired on paper from Micali you suggested). Although things like the Dice-O-Matic are cool :wink:

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There has to be some way to poll the network for things like getting a new wallet address. So, request 3 new addresses, XOR two together, append the third as a salt for a 512-bit hash. Mod the hash with your number range to get your random number.