What are the odds of the SAFE Network succeeding?

Bitcoin has been running for about 8 or 9 years and is still perceived as being very risky. What are the realistic chances of the SAFE network succeeding as planned? 50% maybe?


If it works as planned then I’d say it will succeed

Look at torrents. A much simpler system yet people use it for all sorts of things including supplying updates to programs/OS

SAFE will do all that torrents provide and so much more.

Its not if SAFE will succeed but if SAFEsites and SAFE APPs succeed. I say this because it is very high probability that storage will succeed, even if just as a secure and anon replacement for torrents.


Seems like two questions in here. Will it work on a technical level? (not qualified to address that. I really hope so though). Or, will it succeed if it works?

What are the odds of SAFE being a success if it does work on a technical level and is exactly as described/intended now…? er 100% chance of success in that case imo. I cannot see any world in which SAFE doesn’t take off if it works as described. Maybe I’m a bit bias though ;). I guess it could get forked and the fork could win if it was a big improvement of some kind.


What are the odds of news like this dissapearing :stuck_out_tongue: