What are the key differences between arweave and maidsafe?

is anyone here familiar with Arweave? https://www.arweave.org/

the project claims to be able to distribute data and store it permanently. How is it different from Maidsafe?

I’ve followed the maidsafe project for a long time and have witnessed its development take about 6+ years to get to a testnet?

it surprises me when new projects claim to solve this extremely challenging computer science problem and it would be interesting to know if any experts on this forum can comment on comparable distributed systems tech?

looking forward to trying my hand at the maidsafe testnet.


Hello and welcome @inonit!

It is a little mystery for me how you can follow our project for 6 years and not know that MaidSafe is the company developing the product and the name of the product is the Safe Network.

Otherwise, there is a very good analysis of your question here:

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@inonit I read their yellow paper the other week and wrote these notes here:

My following of the project has been cursory but yes, i’m aware that maidsafe is the company building the safe network, im just not used to referencing the project in a correct manner, i’ll get there eventually :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing the analysis.


Thank you, that was an interesting read.

May i ask if there is any particular section of this forum that regularly compares other decentralized file storage projects with the SafeNetwork?

i would also be interested to know how SafeNet compares to filecoin and any other decentralized storage solutions out there.

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We have a separate section for Related Projects and your topic has been moved to it:

However, not all discussions are gathered there. To find the latest discussions, use the forum search engine and choose a sort by Latest Post:

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Noted. Thanks!

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