What a great time to be alive


Here’s the yesterday’s event… It was literally amazing! Then I thought about Safenetwork and all the revolutions coming soon.
We’re so lucky living these great years mates


What is this? Some Tesla thing?


Test launch of Falcon Heavy.
Tesla Roadster was sent towards Mars.

Watching 2 different rockets landing simultaneously was so exciting. Something I used to watch in movies


Here’s what happened:



Whatever people think of Elon, from a business and engineering perspective hats off to the bloke.

I’m glad some people out there are a little bit bonkers, what a boring place the world would be otherwise :rocket:


When people think and say you’re mad, it’s cause you’re probably changing the world :earth_africa::rocket:


I wonder if David Bowie was in that suit?


Sadly, the center core didn’t land successfully because only one of the 3 necessary engines got relighted at the final approach. It crashed into the ocean near the drone ship at about 300 mph.

The test launch was an amazing feat nevertheless. Elon’s Tesla Roadster with the Starman sitting inside are heading towards the asteroid belt.


To be complete the drone ship was damaged by the crash.


That was probably the most expensive advertising in history. But as a part of a test it is hard to calculate exact price.


In a time where the general interest and respect for science and general discovery seems to be going down, I’m glad someone’s doing crazy shit like this. It gets people paying attention again!


Lets just hope the Roadster doesnt collide with a cloaked intergalactic cruiser on it`s way out to the asteroid belt, that would be some insurance claim… :grinning:


The Roadster is a sturdy car. Maybe the paint would get chipped.


:grin: I was thinking more about the intergalactic cruiser claiming… the wee driver of the roadster doesn`t look too bright…:rofl:


No need for unfounded offenses. He’s just very chill. :sunglasses:


on it`s way out to the asteroid belt

Maybe better if they went for an off-road vehicle, but not yet in Tesla’s product range I guess :wink:


They have plans for a pick-up actually! Elon has even promised they would prioritise it after the next yet unrevealed model.


Actually, after watching the live feed of the wee guy in his roadster, its an amazing, but lonely wee journey hes on, hope he makes it both to, and through, the asteroid belt unscathed… :slightly_smiling_face:


Nah, he seems like a real patient dude. Couple million years here or there, who cares? He’s not in a hurry to get anywhere, just enjoying the ride. I bet he’ll get a decent tan by the time we hear from him again.

The asteroid belt is not a big deal either: He’ll just have to keep his eyes open and fart in the right direction to avoid the occasional chunk of rock.


You have to do the test one way or another, so it’s awesome to see there something interesting instead of bunch of concrete balasts. Way to go, would say that’s very cheap and effective advertisement :smile: